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Fatigue takes over the body. Hence, it is advised to take good care of your health on the day of the Full Moon. You can know Full Moon dates from the table above. In this segment on the Moon phases Calendar, we will talk about the first quarter phase of the Moon. During the first Quarter phase, the Moon remains 90 degrees away in the sky from the Sun and its half illuminated view can be witnessed when we look at it from the Earth. The Last Quarter phase of the Moon comes into the light when exactly one half of the Moon seems to be lit up when viewed from the Earth and the other half remains shadowed.

What we get to see in the first quarter Moon, the exact opposite is seen when this phenomenon is viewed. This Moon phase can be associated with letting go, forgiveness and everything negative that we want to get rid of in our lives. But has any of you really wondered that this is an actual Moon phase.

So, Moon phases reveals the phenomenon of the Blue Moon to be one. From the very phrase mentioned, it can be understood that this is a very rare phenomenon. A considerably new concept, Blue Moon occurs when two New Moons appear within the same month. Usually when 4 Full Moons appear in a particular season, the third one to appear is known as a Blue Moon. Now if it takes into account the lunar calendar , you can find out Blue Moon dates.

It can be seen that the Blue Moon would appear on the 22nd of August.

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The concept of Black Moon is similar to that of the Blue Moon. This is the last one to speak about as per Moon Phases Calendar. The Black Moon phenomenon comes into existence when additional New Moons appear within the span of a month or season.

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During the entire year of , no Black Moons will be witnessed. The Black Moon phenomenon signifies our deepest fears, the negative emotions and the doubts in our mind which can make us vulnerable and emotionally weak. Hence, whenever this particular phenomenon occurs, it is advised to remain patient and calm.

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Drink Specials. Food Included. For Pet Lovers. For Single Parents. For Women Only. Free Parking. Good For Families. Also, keep in mind the usual advice: when Mercury goes retrograde, back up your computer, avoid signing contracts, do not buy new tech gear or vehicles, allow for extra time in all of your affairs especially travel and slow down as much as possible. Venus retrograde arrives at the end of the year. Are they working or not? Can you see a way to compromise? Examine who is in your life and who needs to go. Exes have a way of resurfacing during a Venus retrograde.

Moon Phases 2021 Calendar Dates

Other Venus retrograde advice: avoid getting married, signing legal contracts, and fuggedaboutit plastic surgery! Keep luxury spending to a minimum too.

That being said, Venus retrograde is an excellent period for collecting money owed to you. Eclipses bear mentioning because they can signal major changes afoot.

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I swear by that book! Full Moons are about letting go. Cut out that toxic lover, quit that draining job, give up your three pack a day cigarette habit, and release anything that is old, outworn, or annoying that crappy old sweater taking up space in your closet — begone! Saturn wants security while Uranus wants to overthrow the status quo. Do we follow the old way or insist on the new wave? How can you conform to the norm yet be you? What does the collective demand and does it keep us trapped in the past or lurching forward recklessly?

Rules may be rules but some may need to broken. These will be trying times but revolution can only happen when the old and new find a way to compromise. Remember: the outer planets take longer to move through a sign! Both Jupiter and Uranus will be making a move this year. Jupiter in Aquarius — Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Aquarius focuses on groups, friends, humanitarian efforts, and innovation. Jupiter in Aquarius transits can bring a bigger social circle, enjoyable new group activities, progressive politics, and technology upgrades.

The avant-garde is celebrated, and more folks will feel free to be themselves. Jupiter will be retrograde from June 20th — October 18h. The best advice during that period: go back to school, study something new, finally complete a degree, or take a trip that you delayed in This is NOT a good time for gambling. You can lose your shirt if you are too impulsive with your money. Jupiter leaves Aquarius on December 30th and heads into Pisces. Modern rulerships puts Uranus as the ruler and lists Saturn as a co-ruler.

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When Saturn moves through Aquarius, the focus is on the future. If everyone gets a seat at the table, we all win. Saturn in Aquarius is the right time to build that big, inclusive table. Saturn will be retrograde from May 23rd — October 10th.

We can see where folks are falling through the cracks — and how to fix that. Technology breakthroughs are possible — or some people may turn away from it altogether. Social media has a chance to get it right by taking a good, hard look at how it is influencing the world. The planet of revolution in Taurus, the sign that rules money, promises to bring about a financial revolution of sorts.

Instead, this transit brings about major transformation — not just globally but also on a personal level.

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  • This promises to be a volatile and unpredictable time, but for those who are conscious, it may be a time to examine how free we really are when it comes to money. For example, are you doing work solely for the dollar?