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It's Creepy, But This Quiz Knows The Zodiac Sign You're Destined To Be With. Let's take "star-crossed lovers" to a whole new level.
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What Zodiac sign am I? Take this quiz to find your Zodiac personality!

Board games and pizza. I'm very independent. I'm kind of dependent. I'm somewhat independent. I'm very dependent. I'm a bit clingy. Your ideal astrological match is Scorpio! Scorpio partners are determined, passionate, and driven. They are also quite sensitive and great listeners.

They often strive to find solutions to problems rather than wallowing or becoming pessimistic. They are also romantic partners, with a strong need for affection. Your ideal astrological match is pisces! Pisces partners are imaginative, sensitive, and kind. If you need a shoulder to cry on, a pisces partner will give you two.

What Kind of Beauty Do You Have?

Pisces partners can be quite idealistic and flowery, they're best suited with mates who understand their need for physical and spiritual connection. Your ideal zodiac match is Libra!

Libra partners are easygoing, sociable and charming. They quite like to be the center of attention. They are ideal partners because they are very diplomatic and peaceful, they hate to argue, and will always talk out a solution rather than yell or accuse. Your ideal zodiac match is Gemini! Gemini partners are communicative and witty.

They have the strong ability to make even the most stone faced person laugh. If you like to have a good time, laugh, and be silly, then a gemini partner is your perfect match. Your ideal zodiac match is aquarius! If you are a bit of an old soul, this is your perfect match. Aquarius' are very traditional, respectful, and loyal.

At the gym. When I go out. Sweet and subtle. I don't have a flirting style. I like to be chased. Something exciting.

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Something I've never done. Something familiar. Something romantic. It's complicated. In an open relationship. The trust.

Pop Culture

The communication. The stability. The sex. We wanted different things. We grew apart. Someone was not faithful. I have no idea.

Horoscope Compatibility

Over criticism. By making my favorite meal. By talking to me. By getting me flowers or a present. By holding me.

All of the above. If the person has great style. If the person owned their own home. If the person was a great cook. If the person came from money. I would value their opinion. I don't need anyone's approval. Quality time. Words of affirmation. Acts of service. Physical touch. My parents. Like the ones in the movies.

Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With?

Like Kate Middleton and Prince William. Like my bestie and I. Scarlett Johansson. Chadwick Boseman. Orlando Bloom. The Bachelor. Are You the One?