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Your Sign's Horoscope Predictions Are Here The first occurs in Aquarius from Saturday, January 30 to Saturday, February June 10, a lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19 in Taurus, and finally a solar eclipse on.
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You will feel the urge to have more fun and make more money. But the key to success is patience and moderation. Channeled your enthusiasm into fewer, rather than too many projects. December 14 to January 8 — Jupiter conjunct Saturn on December 21 represents the end of a phase of life and will feel like you have to advance to a higher level. This is a time of greater self-awareness when you may realize you are not content with things as they are. Fated events, lucky breaks, or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

January 4 to 28 — Mars in your decan gives energy, strength, and courage. It can make you feel sexy and sporty but also frustrated and angry. Being too assertive while being selfish could cause arguments or conflict. Channel your aggression into a passion to succeed in sports, business, sexual conquest, and war. January 7 to 18 — Mars square Saturn on the 13th brings frustration and inhibition. Your desires and needs may grow stronger, yet you may find it harder to express your passions and succeed. A defensive approach is advised. Instead of starting new projects, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have.

January 10 to 26 — Jupiter square Uranus on the 17th to bring sudden change and excitement. Big opportunities could be close at hand. However, impatience and a strong urge to break free of restrictions could lead to unwanted disruption and unintended consequences. So proceed with moderation and caution. January 15 to 24 — Mars conjunct Uranus on the 20th gives a strong urge for change, freedom, and excitement.

However, a tendency to act spontaneously or erratically can cause unwanted surprises that upset your life. Risk-taking is not the best option. Follow one particular goal with self-control. January 18 to 30 — Sun square your decan makes you work harder just to have things how you want them. Authority figures may test you and your goals, forcing you to prove yourself and what you are doing.

Over assertiveness would upset others and cause added pressure. So stick to basics and try not to react to provocation. January 21 to 25 — Sun conjunct Saturn on the 23rd is a serious time when hard work, discipline, and patience are needed to attend to your duties and obligations. Achievements, recognition, and promotion are possible.

Decan 1 Taurus January 2021 Horoscope

But so are sadness, isolation, restriction, and hardship, depending on how diligent and responsible you have been over the last year. January 25 to 27 — Sun square Uranus on the 26th gives a strong need for independence. It brings unexpected change, uncertainty, and anxiety. Open-mindedness, adaptability, and flexibility will reduce the risk of abruptness and erratic behavior. Be proactive about positive change but avoid taking unnecessary risks.


January 27 to 31 — Sun conjunct Jupiter on the 28th brings confidence, pride, and optimism. Good fortune and success are possible but overconfidence and excess could lead to loss and embarrassment. This is a time for respect, moderation, and self-discipline. January 28 to February 11 — Full Moon January square your decan brings to the surface any simmering relationship tensions.

Some kind of annoyance will keep niggling away at you until you are forced to do something about it.

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Being more sensitive to the moods of partners, family members and close friends will help avoid such emotional drama. Until February — Neptune sextile your decan heightens your sensitivity and ability to read people and situations. A strong intuition, psychic ability, and vivid dreams will bring inspiring insights leading to greater self-understanding and contentment. Your relationships will benefit from greater empathy and a shared understanding. December 26 to January 2 — Mercury trine your decan brings good news and pleasant conversation. Rational thinking and a convincing communication style make this a good time to ask for favors, negotiate, bargain, convince others, and promote your ideas.

December 30 to January 2 — Mercury sextile Neptune on January 1 is good for relaxation, creativity, communication, and spiritual pursuits. Your words become soothing and healing to others.

2021 Taurus Horoscope Preview

Your senses become acute, enabling you to pick up a lot of extra information through your intuition. Relationships become more compassionate and romantic. December 30 to January 10 — Sun trine your decan brings inner calm and balance that adds harmony to your relationships. You will be more efficient and productive so this is a good time to promote yourself and your goals. Superiors will appreciate your positive attitude and initiative.

January 6 to 10 — Sun sextile Neptune on the 8th brings heightened sensitivity and ability to read people and situations. Greater empathy and receptivity means your relationships will benefit from a shared understanding that may be non-verbal. This is a good time to express your more caring and sensitive side by serving others. January 13 to 22 — Mercury square your decan increases the tempo of life with mental activity, communications, short trips, and errands.

The hectic pace can lead to nervous irritability and rushed thinking. Because of Mercury retrograde later this month, you have this same transit again from February 7 to March 8. This can be a time of significant progress in the outer world, a fortunate change in status, and increased recognition. For the most part, this progress supports inner growth and healing, particularly evident in January. However, tensions between your strong desire for personal independence and freedom this year and your simultaneous urge to pursue your ambitions are most likely to also occur in January.

Avoiding taking on too much will be vital for keeping things in check. With this transit, there are several possible scenarios that depend on your particular situation whether this is about career, life path, authority, responsibility, or a turning point or peak.

Your hard work and effort can be recognized now. You could find yourself in a position that truly suits you. It can be a time when you take great pride in the work you do. For some of you, more prestige or a higher social standing may be part of the picture now. You can be quite charismatic in a position of authority or responsibility. Advancement in achieving an important goal can occur now.

Your reputation may be enhanced in some significant way. Certainly, you have more faith in your goals and aspirations during this period of your life. This is a time when believing in yourself, your competency, and your ability to take the lead opens up opportunities for you. For the most part, you are likely to take advantage of this period in your life in order to expand your reach. You are especially intuitive, strategic, and smart with plans at this time, helping you advance towards your goals.

Your worldly or public status may change for the better. There could be a promotion, new job opportunities, a diploma, an important award, or marriage — something official. This can be a time for coming into the limelight in a significant way. Authority figures or other influential people tend to look upon you favorably, see more potential in you, and readily help you along, so be sure to work it!

Something might happen now, or circumstances are such, that your career or professional interests in general expands, and you find more joy and pleasure from your work.

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You could enjoy more freedom, or possibly even responsibilities, in your career. Integrity, directness, and honesty will get you everywhere now. The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the rewards—this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! There can be a chance to clinch a project or job or to handle a particular responsibility. There can be a career peak of sorts happening now. This can help you come to a productive balance.

Instead, you come to a good balance. From May July 28, , and then from December 28th onward , your connections to others, group associations, and friendships begin to expand and grow. This influence begins in and will continue in This is a time for feeling considerably more confident about the future. You are planting seeds, so to speak, aiming to get started on projects that will reap rewards in the future. While this can be exciting, try not to take on more than you can handle.