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But in the progressive sign of the water bearer, it's a different story. Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at Keen. She says Jupiter in Aquarius is futuristic, revolutionary, and concerned with fairness and justice. Think of it this way: got us fired up about many causes, from social justice to the climate crisis ; will inspire us to take the actions needed to better our world.

Jupiter Is Entering Aquarius For The First Time In 12 Years, & It’s Great News For 2021

We'll want to donate, protest, and learn more about the world around us. The planet of luck in activist Aquarius is exactly the energy we need to make things happen and move forward with change. The placement will affect us on a very intimate level as well. There's no need to force yourself to be cuddly, but knowing that this is a factor this year means it's especially important to keep up communication with your loved ones in , even if you stick to texts and Zooms.

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Saturn is currently in Aquarius too, and together the two planets are gearing up to form something called the Great Conjunction. This is a rare, powerful occurrence. But during the placement, Saturn and Jupiter will both be closer to the Earth than they've been since So what do we need to do to take advantage of what astrologers are saying should be a very positive energetic shift at the end of ?

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Stay open, be flexible, listen to your intuition, and lean into your natural well of empathy, which may be feeling a little closer to the surface these days. Together, we have a chance to really turn things around next year. Such dreams are not impossible if you do some careful planning. Perhaps this is something you'll want to set as a goal for the near future.

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Consider taking a little tome to look into it. Nervous tension among family members is very high today, so don't be surprised if members of your household start quarreling or snapping at each other. It's best to keep them apart for most of the day if you can, then in the evening encourage them to talk about what's bothering them.

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You yourself may be feeling a bit bored and discouraged, but forget about it by keeping yourself busy. This will all pass by tomorrow. It might be hard to focus on one thing today. Your mind could be scattered in several directions as you run errands, play with your kids, and visit family members. It could be easy to forget things, so make a list of any essential items that you need to buy.

Don't be hard on yourself about completing tasks. It is better to just relax and be open to amusing chats with people right now.

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Enjoy being social! From the 16th, especially around the 19th, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn stabilize your love life.

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