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Cancer Horoscope announces fabulous changes for Cancer! In June and August, you have all the chances on your side, and you will manage to Everything should be coming up roses for you people born on or close to the cusp of.
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Your 2021 Horoscope Is Here

On May 21, just a week after Jupiter's lucky move in your chart, you'll have a boost of energy to your love life, as the creative sun, romantic Venus, and communication-focused Mercury will cluster together in your house of partnerships. A powerful trine aspect between Venus and Saturn on the same day will give your relationships lasting power, while the moon in your house of public recognition will show off your best qualities to others. If you want to make a move in love, today's the day to shoot your shot and build something long lasting.

While your ruling planet Saturn isn't necessarily known for bringing good luck, it'll be aligning with romantic Venus in a harmonious trine aspect on August This will activate your house of career and public recognition and practically guaranteeing success in everything you touch at work. You're feeling deeply connected to your professional endeavors right now and deriving great value from your contributions, and this fortunate alignment will solidify your standing, boost your creativity, and help you forge a career path for yourself that's built to last.

Today is full of opportunities for recognition, so make some power moves, Capricorn! This is an extremely high-powered day full of opportunities for you, Aquarius, as there's a powerful new moon in your sign that's offering you a chance to shed your old skins and totally reinvent yourself. Additionally, lucky planets Venus and Jupiter are forming an exact conjunction in your sign on the same day as the new moon, which explodes your luck and brings romance, pleasure, abundance, and luxury.

The energy of the day is brimming with possibilities, and you'll find joyful opportunities around every corner. With expansive Jupiter dipping into your sign on two separate occasions this year, you can practically guarantee that luck and abundance are headed your way, Pisces. But on June 21, you'll feel the gorgeous effects of a powerful grand water trine, during which the emotional moon, romantic Venus, and dreamy Neptune will align in the most harmonious connection possible. With your ruling planet Neptune in your sign and the moon and Venus lighting up your houses of pleasure and knowledge , this is a day for flirting, fun, creative endeavors, and expanding your horizons.

No fantasy is too far out of reach, so allow your feelings to flow and reach for the stars. This article was originally published on Dec. By Nina Kahn. Luckiest day: March 26, When love planet Venus and the creative sun form an alignment in the zodiac an aspect known as the "Venus Star Point" , it brings magic, romance, and the thrill of a new and pleasurable beginning — and it shines a warm spotlight on our dreamiest desires.

Cancer Horoscope - Love, Money, Health, Career

Luckiest day: January 17, Uranus, planet of change, will be journeying through your sign all through , continuing a theme of awakening and inspiration in your life. Luckiest day: May 31, In astrology, the North Node represents fate, destiny, and the direction of our future — and it's spending in your sign, Gemini, which helps to align you with your true path. Luckiest day: June 23, Just after Cancer season begins, we'll experience a gorgeous trine aspect between the sun and abundant planet Jupiter in Pisces on June 23, bringing a special boost of good luck to Cancers especially.

Luckiest day: July 13, Love planet Venus and power planet Mars are aligning for a once-every-two-years tryst in your zodiac sign on July 13, Leo — so get ready to feel a climax of magic when it comes to both romance and creativity. Luckiest day: July 12, Lucky planet Jupiter will dip into Pisces twice this year, lighting up your house of partnerships and bringing loads of new opportunities in love — which can help you smooth out any issues in relationships and deepen your romantic bonds.

Luckiest day: September 6, Having your ruling planet Venus in your sign brings out your artistic sensibilities, romantic feels, and your taste for luxury, Libra — so when Venus forms a magical trine aspect with Jupiter on September 6, those feelings will go into overdrive. It's also ruled by the Strength Tarot Card. So all of this proves that Leo, not Scorpio is the strongest sign in general. We have a female miniature dachshund that we are having difficulty house training her to potty outside only. She was born January 11, Dachshunds are a difficult breed to potty train and may never be completely housebroken.

Using food only outside! Negative reaction makes it worse. Crate training is VERY helpful as they will not go in their bed. I think my cat is a Cancer. He's not too quick on the uptake, not very energetic, but he is always by my side.

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Not a lap cat!!! But nearby, always. Skip to main content. By Celeste Longacre. February 12, Tags Zodiac signs pets dogs cats. What do you want to read next? Zodiac Sign Profiles. Pisces Zodiac Sign. Gemini Zodiac Sign: Dates, Find the Right Puppy for You. Mercury Retrograde and Zodiac Signs. Zodiac for Gardeners. Cancer Zodiac Sign. You just need to know where to look.

Cancer Horoscope 2021 - Cancer 2021 Yearly Predictions

Many old associations in your life could end in some way this year, with May to July a lucky time for any change in this area. You may part company willingly as you see that some people are not good for you and you have to move on. August and September is a time for many uplifting meetings and can be when improvement and even opportunity for love enters your life.

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Contracts and professional success are favored in the second semester of the year The Cancers need to analyze each proposal very carefully because most of them are doubtful. The year is advantageous for the Cancers who want to launch their own business, and a lucrative association may occur.

This is where most influence is placed now, as some are taking major steps in their career path. Some will take a higher position, or have one offered them in March or August. After careful thought some will decide their present job is not giving them what they need and change — this also is likely in March and June. Saturn tests the structure of your body and past behavior whilst it remains in your sign.

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If health problems do crop up, they are likely to have been developing for some time, or are related to an earlier health problem in your life that could be managed more efficiently. October and November can show an imbalance and diet may need to be looked at.

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Certain foods may need to be eliminated from your diet this The immune system of the Cancers will be extremely strong, which is why they will be able to deal with any external threat. Eat: whole grains, rice, oats, fruits, bananas, steamed vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, pumpkin, cucumbers, seaweed, yogurt, beans, and natural sugars.

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Avoid: oily foods, salt, and refined sweets.