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With that in mind, we present you with your astrological forecast. And here all the key dates to mark in your calendar now:.

Areas of Expansion in 2021 for Pisces:

The new year begins by begging an age-old question for you, Aries — how do you balance your work and play? Do you inadvertently expect coworkers or friends to pick up the slack when you hit a wall? As the year progresses, train your focus closer to home, namely toward your daily life. And the new moon and solar eclipse on June 10 will call for reflection and revolution in equal measure, granting you the critical eye to reconsider how you handle the busywork of day-to-day life, as well as the mental clarity to prepare for major changes in this arena of your life.

Further out in the solar system, Saturn, the planet of discipline and long-term goals, will be retrograde from May 23 to October 10 in your house of career and public reputation, which means five more months to scrutinize — and improve — this area of your life. This year, your birthday season will be no mere celebration — it will be an all-out bombardment of celestial activity.

First up is a full moon and total lunar eclipse in your relationships sector on May On one hand, the full moon will bless you with a renewed sense of ability when it comes to communicating, working, and living with your loved ones. Previously challenging issues will feel easier to address and compromises will appear within closer reach. There is a line between giving your partner what they want and stifling your own desires, Gemini, and this period will ask you to reconsider your bond with anyone who asks you to do the former.

Next, Mercury will be retrograde from May 29 to June 22 in your very own sign. How you present yourself is subject to change during this period, though extreme or rash decisions are ill-advised. You may need to detach from a certain communication style. You could even find yourself starting a new chapter in the near future, one that demands you adopt a new perspective.

The first of these lunar eclipses arrives in tandem with the full moon in your house of wellness, work, and routine on May A sudden bout of inspiration and motivation will bubble up within you, particularly when it comes to tackling any goals you may have around self-improvement and self-care.

The second full moon and lunar eclipse pairing will occur on November 19, bringing to light issues concerning your larger network. Are you plugged into the goings-on within your outer circles? Are you taking up an active role in helping your friends, acquaintance, and community? This year will see you getting a little closer to striking such a balance, as your relationship with others and yourself will be leveled beneath the celestial microscope.

The Mercury retrograde from January 30 to February 20 will assail your partnerships sector, complicating what should be straightforward conversations and making difficult subjects feel nearly impossible to broach. Your way through this challenging period is patience, Leo. The spotlight will swing squarely back onto you in the springtime. This, of course, is easier said than done, especially if you come to realize that long-standing relationships or habits are interfering with your happiness.

The full moon will arrive in your sign on February 27 — the only time it will do so this year. Consider this your opportunity to get ahead of the curveball s is likely to lob your way, Virgo. All the better, you will have the space and energy to correct that balance before you get any farther into the year. New Years will feel like another lifetime by the time this full moon rolls around, but the same inclination toward resolutions and self-improvement will fill the air.

First, Mercury will kick off its second retrograde of the year there on May Second, while Mercury enjoys this backspin, this sector will be graced by the new moon and accompanying solar eclipse on June Where Mercury will spam your office inbox and drop important meeting invites at the last minute, the new moon and solar eclipse will spur further activity around the office, accelerating plans that were already in place and teasing at new developments to come.

Rely on your practical, poised nature when navigating this period Mercury will direct its course on June But, with preparation and patience, you can survive these periods and, in the process, make slightly less maddening than the previous year. Mercury will be retrograde from January 30 to February 20, muddling your sense of direction along the way. As with any retrograde, resistance is futile — for the next three weeks, you may feel a little scattered, even aimless, when trying to make your hopes and dreams a reality. You may just need to take a new, unconventional approach to your goals during this period.

And, not to worry, the new moon on March 13 will unfold in your house of wellness and routines, helping you return to your regular schedule with a renewed sense of what you need to feel truly well. Your sign will be next to host Mercury retrograde , from September 27 to October And these will have much more immediate effects on your life and understanding of comfort. From January 30 to February 20, the first Mercury retrograde of the year will drum up confusion and unrest within your home, demanding that you take a second look at issues and projects you may have thought were already settled.

Professorial Saturn will try a different tact with its teachings when it begins its annual retrograde on May During this period, try to think in the long- and short-term: What do you want home to look like in five years? What can you do in the coming months to get closer to that vision? Refresh your chore chart, nurture your nest egg, and spend time with your closest friends. This year, your marital life will remain good, especially during the first three months of the year and end-October to mid-November.

Although there can be slight disagreements, but try and resolve them with communication. Love life will be a roller-coaster ride for Pisces natives in Some of them may get married too this year. Apart from this, due to the aspect of Jupiter on your kundli from January to April, there are strong signs of marriage. Health life will remain good this year as per Pisces Horoscope. Your health will be good this year.

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But this does not mean that you become completely carefree about your health. Along with your health this year, you have to take special care of your daily routine or else you will have to face problems like obesity etc.

For Pisces natives, the year is expected to be optimistic in terms of career according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions Your time is undoubtedly lucky, but you also have to keep in mind to maintain a good relationship with high-ranking officials within your workspace. It will be beneficial for you to do so. Hard work of some natives will be recognized, which can lead to promotion or increment.

In such a situation, do not lack anywhere and work smartly.

Pisces Horoscope‌ ‌2021‌

The chances of you going abroad due to work between the months of April to September are high. Apart from this, the last month of the year is going to bring happiness for some natives since there are most likely to get desired job transfer during this time. Apart from this, Pisces natives have a major chance of getting tremendous promotion at work between the months of August to September.

This year is going to be very favorable for those who manage a business. In such a situation, if anyone is thinking of expanding their work or business venture this year, then taking steps in this direction is definitely recommended, since success is on the cards. For the natives of Pisces zodiac sign, year seems to bring mixed results in terms of money, wealth and finance.

This year, Lord Saturn will be posited in the eleventh house of your kundli, which leads to the formation of permanent sources of income for you. This will keep your financial condition stable throughout the year. Apart from this, Mars will also be sitting in the second house of your kundli at the year's beginning, which will keep your financial position strong, but the month between April and September will not be much favorable, because Jupiter will be present in the twelfth house of your kundli.

As a result, there will be a rise in your expenses between these months, which can also cause you mental stress. With Jupiter being in this house, your expenses will increase in accordance with your income in a few months of this year, which will affect your financial condition significantly. You need to take special care of your actions here. However, between April and May, you may get entangled in debates, arguments or court cases, which can help you financially. Apart from this, your life-partner can also benefit you monetarily in some way during the year. Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage.

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The year is going to bring mixed results for Pisces natives associated with academics and education as per Pisces Horoscope Predictions. This year, Saturn is aspecting the fifth house of your kundli, which will definitely create obstacles in the field of education. After this, from the month of January to April, your pace will decrease due to the aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house. However, year-end will bring good results for students, and they will incur good results between 15 September to 20 November.

This year, your academic graph is likely to see several ups and downs, but you are advised to keep faith in your hard work and dedication, since you will definitely get the desired results. If you want to appear in some kind of competitive examination and succeed in it, then the time between April to May and August to September in will be very favorable.

This year is going to be most suitable for students aspiring for higher education. Your dream of attaining higher education can be fulfilled this year. However, those wishing to go abroad may not succeed in their endeavors, since there are chances of slight delay in their plans. Even after such ups and downs, some natives are expected to get partial success between April and September, so keep working hard.

Pisces 2021 Predictions in Astrology

Pisces Horoscope Predictions based on Vedic Astrology reveal that is going to be much better for Pisces natives in regards with their family life. You can earn good profits by buying, investing and selling a property if you want. Apart from this, you or your family members can also earn good income through house rent.

Your siblings' attitude towards you is going to be very favorable. Apart from this, this year is going to be very optimistic for them as well. On the other hand, your parents will lead an average life this year.

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However, during the months of April and May, you are advised to take special care of your parents' health as they may face health problems at this time. Overall, this year is expected to be very good for you in regards to your health.

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This year, your relationship will sweeten, and love and care will also increase. This year, especially the first three months of the year and then from the end of October to the middle of November, your married life will remain very sweet. Couples may wish for kids this year, since planetary yogas forming in their kundlis show strong placement and favourable outcome. The year will be good in regards to love life and family, but you are advised to pay extra attention to your relationship between September 6 to October 22, small conflicts can lead to bigger arguments.

As a result, you are expected to get unprecedented success in every field.