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Your Pisces weekly horoscope and sun sign astrology forecast by The And should YOU need something new in the technology category, go ahead and invest.
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Santa has long since learned not to be beaten by bricked-up fireplaces. These days, he carries an app on his phone that gives him instant security clearance with which to access even the world's most heavily protected buildings. He enters our lives, not by way of sleigh and reindeer but by way of the heart. And, just for this Christmas we are giving away a free Personal Horoscope Reading with every order.

A gift that if you so wish, you can send to a friend or loved one.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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Email: Pass j :. Pisces, Saturday, 19 December Your Weekly Horoscope: As kids, we have a specific view of Santa; it's as if he can bring us almost anything we want. Santa Claus must have one heck of a computer system. A database that keeps tabs on the behaviour of every boy and girl, knows where they live, and what they want for Christmas. All linked in to an infallible Satnav and a Are you worried now, that perhaps you have asked the universe for more than it can reasonably deliver?

Well, for this Christmas we are giving away a free Personal Horoscope Reading with every order. Born to Be? Free Trial! Consult the I Ching And hear a special interpetation. Until then, your assignment is to make amends while doing your own internal work—the kind that can heal painful, longstanding patterns. Transformational Pluto in your social sector is making a rare but dramatic square with motivated Mars in trailblazing Aries.

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And with Mars churning things up in your money house, look at how you share financial responsibilities with others. On the flip side, this little exercise may shine a light on people who are always there for you and often treat YOU to things.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Think of ways you can show your appreciation, whether with a sweet little gift or a fancy lunch delivered to their door. The spirit of cooperation returns full-stop on Christmas Eve, lingering through Christmas Day.

The neighborly spirit could strike, so step out and do something to share your appreciation for the people who have been quarantining near you all year. Virtual hug, anyone? The final full moon of could heal some of the rifts that have divided people—especially the ones closest to you. This would be an ideal time to write down your thoughts in a diary or on the internet, renew old friendships, and write and send applications.

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Saturday and Sunday brings an increased need for pleasure through love and affection. You should feel sociable, romantic, sensual, and sentimental. However, you may also become careless, moody or self-indulgent. A healthy relationship may undergo some slightly uncomfortable moments. But an unsatisfying relationship may suffer from disloyalty or other forms of disrespect.