Taurus weekly horoscope from 16 march 2021

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Impeccable manners will help you achieve your aims, and traditional values will help cement a relationship. Taurus : For once the planets are supremely considerate, aligned with your houses of work, partnerships and money in different ways. You could have a conventional day if you wish, but you can also gently experiment with new options.

And then you can enjoy family and friendly activities. You must accept that past decisions may have to be revived, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in admitting that you may have been wrong. This naturally favours those of you with important arguments to make, or interviews to attend. The mood of the week, as will become clear over the next few days, is creative rather than routine. Virgo : The prevailing mood should be generally optimistic, but you have to make sure that your expectations match up with reality. Do try to tackle financial issues, amongst which are your own extravagant tendencies.

There is nothing wrong with spending more than necessary, just as long as you have the readies in your pocket! This is a year for self-improvement, so, improve yourself in any way you see fit.

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The Taurus predictions also forecast that a cycle in your life is coming to an end. This has to do with a cycle that began around This is likely to cause some stress, but also resolution and perhaps a feeling of accomplishment.

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This cycle mostly applies to people who are 30 or older. The planet Uranus will impact your horoscope this year, making it important that you keep tabs on your karmic energy. Be pure of heart and only move forward with positive intentions. If your intentions are anything but wholesome, karma will come back to repay you.

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To improve your karma, become more involved with people who need help. Letting your creativity shine can also help. January will bring energy to work harder and to be more productive. This is also a great month to begin new projects and rekindle old friendships. February is the month to focus on your work-related relationships. Improving these can improve your career and your social life all in one.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

March is the perfect time to work on your hobbies and projects. April calls for introspection. Continue to spend time on your hobbies, career, and finances like in March.

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  7. May brings Venus into the 10th house, which can help to boost your social life. Your communication will be on point this month, which can help to improve both your platonic and romantic relationships. June is a month to focus on your family and loved ones. Your money will be fine this month, so make sure to focus on your relationships instead. July continues to be a great month to focus on relationships.

    Venus will be in Leo for most of the month, which makes this the perfect time to reconnect and talk with family members. August will bring some slight changes, which a Taurus-born might find uncomfortable.

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    Take the month to become used to these changes and make sure to communicate your feelings about the changes with your loved ones. September is a great month to focus on your love life. As the Sun blazes into ambitious Capricorn, it powers up your "no limits" ninth house until January This chart sector is associated with long-distance alliances, entrepreneurship and education, so any or all of these areas can exert a greater than usual pull. Knowing you have things to look forward to will help you tough out the season.

    Challenge yourself to stretch outside your comfort zone. You might want to start saving up for major travel so that once it's safe to globetrot again, you'll have all the funds lined up.


    This rare event, which astrologers call The Great Conjunction, only happens every twenty years! The last such pairing happened in Taurus, back in May This time around, worldly Jupiter and stabilizing Saturn are setting off sparks in your tenth house of career. In the days ahead, you could make epic strides forward in your professional life—yes even in "this" economy. Both planets will be in Aquarius for most of , which could help you find gainful employment. With worldly Jupiter in the mix, your paycheck could come from an international firm or a startup. Either way, you may soon be interfacing via webcam with colleagues in different time zones.