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March 25 Zodiac is Aries - Full Horoscope Personality. March 25, Aries. As an Aries born on March 25th, you have a strong and passionate nature.
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Your sexual compatibility is with someone that is born on the 1st, 2nd, 10th, 11th, 19th, 20th, 28th, and 29th. You also have a special spot for Leo and Sagittarius as well as a Libra. One of your ultimate goals as a human being is to make money that will allow you to put some bread on your table. You often go for a career that will give you a chance to show your talents. You often consider a job that is very interesting, and that will give you job satisfaction.

Although those above are just mere secondary reasons, the main reason why you choose a job is that of the salary rate. If you are asked to choose a job, you would first consider the financial prospect before considering any other factors or conditions attached to it. You can become a lawyer, financial analyst, writer, and advertiser as a result of your characteristics. March 25 birthday gem shows that you love money a lot that you will be very skeptical of giving people the role of keeping your money.

You are very responsible with your money, outgoing and often consider your income and expenditure always. The position you accord your health is not the position you are supposed to accord it if you want to enjoy good health and live healthily. It is the case that you are always too busy to consider your health well. You do not have the time required to help you solve any form of health issues as you are always known to postpone the time for you to go for a medical checkup.

It is advisable for you to go for regular medical checkups and to consider taking adequate rest. Most time, you find yourself busy with work without considering rest and sleep. Try not to always skip your breakfast or food for the betterment of your metabolism. Apart from these, the March 25th health horoscope says that you are prone to diabetes.

You should try your best to save yourself from taking sweet or any form of sweetened things that are capable of causing diabetes. Exercise is also important for your health, do it well! What does it mean to be born on the 25th of March? You were born during the period when the sun is in the Aries. It is the period when a set of determined and quick to actions people whose birthday is represented by a ram.

Someone born on March 25th is an Aries. You would be passionate and determined about things. Your life, relationship, and health are influenced by the kind of element you have. You have a stable and fundamental relationship with your element, which happens to be fire. Fire is known for its burning nature and its persistence in performing its action.

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Fire bestows upon you a fiery determination in doing things. You are usually persistent at doing what you believe in and can stand tall to ensure that your belief is understood and supported by others. If you were born on March 25 today , you are enthusiastic and filled with strength and passion for fulfilling all your goals and aspirations. It is the case that you often find yourself provoked and angered easily without any just reason due to your nature that is inspired by the fire. Water is your worst enemy when it is against you and one of your best friends if it supports you.

This is because the association of water and fire can make you boil water and rule the world positively or negatively.

March 25 Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

March 25 birthday falls in the periods that have Mars and Neptune as their planetary rulers. Mars rules you as a result of your decan and zodiac symbol. You were born in the first decan of the Aries, which is also ruled by Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. Mars is bestowing an aggressive personality upon an individual.

It is bestowing assertiveness and vigor. The double portion of Mars makes you a very assertive person with a lot of confidence.

Planetary Row

It is also the case that your day that is being ruled by Neptune blesses you with superb social skills coupled with a highly imaginative and creative mind. The unique combination of these makes you a more imaginative and courageous Ram. Iron and Silver are your lucky metals. Your birthstones include Diamond and Emerald.

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Your lucky colors are red , Carmine, and scarlet. Honeysuckle and Ginger are your lucky flowers.

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Your lucky animal is the Tiger. The Chariot is your tarot card. Making hasty decisions without proper plans, sometimes their spontaneity gets them into trouble. Adopting a more mature, reflective attitude will help them make smoother progress. Until the age of twenty-five they tend to be daring and carefree but after the age of twenty-six there is greater emphasis on the need for direction, consistency, security, and stability.

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In their thirties, forties and beyond they really come into their own. Although much of their electric energy is externally directed, these people also have a profound need for periods of solitude and reflection; these help them avoid mood swings and temper tantrums. This need for a private life where they can be allowed to daydream can confuse those who regard them as whirlwinds of constant energy; but others need to understand that it is vital for them.

It is important for them to have supportive and caring friends but these friends have to give them the freedom to be alone and recharge.

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If they keep a lid on their temper and give themselves those regular times out, the electric and highly creative energy and imagination of people born on this day will help them surge right to the front of their chosen field. They need to find someone who can keep up with their energy and give them security but who will also allow them to be alone and to think inde-pendently.

Because they are so imaginative, they also love to fantasize about the one that got away or the one they may never have. People born on this day do seem to have limitless supplies of energy but the key to their dynamism is that they also need regular periods of rest and solitude to recharge their batteries. As far as diet is concerned, they should stay away from too much red meat, alcohol, saturated fat, and nicotine, as these will slow them down.

Their diet should be rich in energy-boosting fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead. Both vigorous and mild exercise are recommended for people born on this day; these can help speed them up when they need to direct their energy outward and slow them down when they feel the need to withdraw.