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Purpose. Life's purpose of all those born on the 4th of February always hides in love, emotion, and balance. The beauty of life might slip them by if.
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Embrace who you are, Pisces babe. This month is all about you! More Goodies. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. February 16th: Sprinkle a little magic into the ordinary. February 23rd: Happy birthday season, Pisces love! Related Story. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

Planetary Row

Our loftiest ambitions can also become reality. Get ready for a huge portal to open, Pisces. Emotional and spiritual breakthroughs await!

Right as the Great Conjunction ignites your restful, spiritual twelfth house, your social life picks up speed. Yup, last-minute Christmas shopping can be just as hectic online. Pace yourself between now and January 19 because you could be both wired and tired. You need that Piscean solitude and dream time to keep yourself balanced.

Aquarius-Pisces \

With angsty Mars in your money sector, you could feel the stress of pre-holiday deadlines or expenses. And as manipulative Pluto in your group sector T-bones the red planet, the pressure to go in on a group cost, for example, could leave you seething. Why should YOU pay an equal share of something when others will benefit more? The workload on a team project could also be unfairly divided, and you could feel dumped on by your crew. While you might normally suck it up not that this is a good thing , the Mars-Pluto square could push you over the edge. Before you snap, try to work this out through dialogue.

If you really need to get things off your chest, your chance could arrive at the annual Cancer full moon this Tuesday, December You may not be able to get under any actual mistletoe, but with these moonbeams glowing your love zone, romantic confessions and outpourings abound. This is a day for celebration and fun, so find a way to get your holiday joy on safely. A surge of emotions could come bubbling up without warning, along with knee-jerk reactions from bursting into tears to exploding with rage.

Indulging in excessive eating and drinking will only make this worse, so moderate your intake because your inner hedonist is ready to seize the reins. Are you an artist or performer? Your talents could attract buzzworthy fame.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Go ahead and post a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your watercolor masterpiece, nail art or studio-recorded vocal session. You might be making lists and setting intentions, or spending time in nature if the weather allows. Keep things simple and opt for a healthy-ish meal with mocktails on the menu. The sixth house also rules service, so find ways to give back and express your gratitude, if only for making it through this intense and surreal year.

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Settle down or explore? Lusty Mars is spending his last month in Aries and your sensual, security-seeking second house, wrapping up an extended tour from June 27 to January 6. Things could take a turn for the serious when Venus enters Sagittarius and your tenth house of long-term commitments from December 15 to January 9. All that running off-leash can get exhausting to your ultimately emo, compassionate sign. You may need a little time to transition into this newfound yet familiar need for stability. Pro tip: Anyone or anything that pressures you is probably NOT the best choice right now.

Romance reigns when sensual Venus links up with dreamy Neptune in your sign. Indulge your fantasies and desires under this tantalizing transit. You might not want to attend to the practical details of your day, but get those off your plate so you can really relax. On December 14, a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius puts an exclamation point on your diligent efforts. You could find yourself staring at a jaw-dropping career or leadership opportunity—one that arrives when you least expect it. The eclipse could also bring a major changing of the guard at your job, or maybe an announcement of an office closing and going all-remote.

At the December 21 rare Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, your receptive and perceptive twelfth house is ablaze—as it will be for all of Quiet the noise in your head with meditation and journaling so you can hear guidance from the universe, which will be stronger than ever.

Got bills? Stressful but motivating Mars has been in your money house for an extended six-month visit since June This revved up the revenue for some Pisces—but may also have brought more expenses or possible Covid-related losses that left you scrambling. Mars will exit on Thursday, January 6 and move into your collaborative, communicative third house.

Have you been trying to fit a round peg in a square hole? Giving up could make space for something better. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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