February 11 2021 solar eclipse astrology

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Apr 27, at Full Moon S. Genitals, anus, urethra, prostate. May 11, at Neck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland. May 26, at Liver, hips, thighs, sacrum. Lunar Eclipse Total S. Jun 10, at Solar Eclipse Annular.

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Shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, lungs. Jun 24, at Jul 10, at Stomach, mucosa, breast, womb, ovary. Jul 24, at Aug 8, at Aug 22, at Sep 7, at Sep 20, at Oct 6, at Oct 20, at Nov 4, at New Moon S. Nov 19, at Lunar Eclipse Partial. Dec 4, at Sun, the natural life-giver was weak in the sign of Libra. Mercury, the planet that deals with health was also retrograde in the house of diseases see Fig.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2021

Its goal of spreading the virus was expanded by Jupiter. This entity brings humiliation first before humility, only then there is a spiritual awakening. Origins of the virus tracing back to exotic animals can be linked to this astronomical body which signifies animals with thin and long tails like Bats and Pangolins. This planetary transit is known to cause trouble. This time around, it has brought the world to its knees by teaching us that we are not invincible and that we must respect our surroundings, Mother Nature and her beings.

Jupiter signifies knowledge, education, wealth and prosperity. Saturn, the chief justice of the universe, is the planet that releases karmic forces so individuals can walk the Dharmic or right path. Jupiter lost its ability to expand the virus when it joined Saturn in Capricorn on 31st March this year, giving mankind another chance to remedy the situation. This is evident in China with the situation slowly changing now. However, our teams has studied another kind of solar eclipse that has not caught much attention of the astrologers: the Solar Eclipse by Mercury.

It is a significant eclipse and is principally responsible for such incidents. A Solar Eclipse occurs when a planetary body like Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, precisely on the ecliptic plane in a straight line. Although Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun three times a year, it does not usually align itself exactly on the ecliptic plane to result in a solar eclipse.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 2021

However, such an exact alignment is rare and can occur 13 times in a century on average. In addition, this only occurs in the months of May and November, with the November alignment occurring twice as often as the May eclipse. Since Mercury is only a fraction of the size of the Sun, this rare eclipse is not a visible event. From analysing years of astronomical data, we found a few patterns during a Mercury eclipse.

The transits of May occur only at an interval of 13 or 33 years. While the November transits are more frequent and occur at an interval of 7, 13 or 33 years. The last time this rare Solar-Mercury eclipse took place was in the year when we heard the news on Brexit and demonetization in India. It also occurred in during the US economic slump, which later became evident in Prior to that, the eclipse caused the slump.

Whenever there was a Solar eclipse caused by Mercury, the results were never good for the world. General Forecast We predict that the severity of the virus will hit its peak in early April and slow down thereafter when Sun, the king of all planets, will enter Aries, slowly giving us strength and immunity. The ones who are already affected will likely continue being ill until this transition is complete.

Gemini 2021 - 2022 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

By the beginning of May, there will be a lot of healing day by day, and we will be in a position to take control over the virus and the death toll. Political Forecast After 15th of May , the world will begin its journey of forgetting this phase and enter a future of growth and expansion. Until then, we predict that the US President will remain in a tense state of mind.

2021 Featured Eclipses

He had faced many challenges in — from the impeachment to improper coordination among his staff. The forces of nature will help him after 18th of May and on his birthday 14th of June , he will gain greater control over his country. Shinzo Abe, in particular, will emerge as a powerful leader. September onwards, USA will recover from economic slowdown in months.

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