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It is easy to understand why some people do not correspond to their Sun or Moon signs once you know about what is the rising sign or Ascendant in a horoscope.

Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac sign that was highest on the Easter horizon at the time and place of birth. When seen from Earth, the sky seems to move, so the entire zodiac can be observed in a span of 24 hours day which means the rising sign changes on the Eastern horizon every 2 hours because there are 12 zodiac signs. People tend to associate their physical, emotional and spiritual attributes more with rising sign at times. I am a astrologer who does in depth reasearch in astrology. After reading thousands of horoscope I have gain enough wisdom in the world of astrology.

I keep doing study on this subject and make my self update with new knowledge. All that does not serve us must be removed until only the healthy roots are left in tact. Only then can we plant our roots into fertile soil.

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To put ourselves into a place where we can grow and flourish. Find your own way to celebrate and to mark this day. Find your way to the light in the center of the Galaxy, the light that lights all other lights. Be the message of Renewal. Be the message of Hope.

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There's a sense that when someone is struck by the sudden lightni The prayers of those who grieve are considered especially strong, and it is proper to ask them for their help. You might recall what it's like to be with someone who has grieved deeply.


The person has no layer of protection, nothing left to defend. The mystery is looking out through that person's eyes. For the time being, he or she has accepted the reality of loss and has stopped clinging to the past or grasping at the future. In the groundless openness of sorrow, there is a wholeness of presence and a deep natural wisdom.

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In the Sidereal zodiac, the first degrees of Sagittarius is the Galactic center. It is in the star system called Mula nakshatra. The Galactic light comes through Jupiter ruler of Sag. The galactic center, Mula is represented by a bundle of roots If you have planets placed here in your birth chart it speaks to you pulling something up by the roots and starting a new path.

There are 12 houses in the Birth Chart. They are divided into four aims of life. These houses represent our purpose and duty in life. How we are productive and contributing members of society. To contribute to society without compromising who we are. Each of us should have available to us the necessary resources to to allow us to fulfill our potential in life. All we do in life should be a source of happiness and not cause pain to any creature.

These are the houses of surrender. Where we "let go and let God". Through various life lessons we are lead to a place where we understand that The SOURCE is not a mysterious or alien force outside of us but rather what we really are when our minds are free from the illusion of the separate self. It helps to regenerate the cosmic rays, to push forward the evolution of the cosmos. It is the darkest day because of the Suns debilitation in Libra and the lack of light that comes with the new moon.

We must make the effort to bring the light into our world. We celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. I encourage you to set out some lights in your home. To recommit to illuminating your own light within. This is an excellent time of the year to double down on your mantras and meditations.

To fight back against the darkness and the depression that whats to seduce you. Remember who you are, who you truly are. The Love and light of God. Jupiter-Guru, planet of belief and expansion, is in the second pada of Uttara Ashadha between November 20th and Decembe This portion of the asterism sees Jupiter returning into an area it was in already this year, from late March to late June, and there is a sense of repeat business now as the planet shifts into zodiacal Capricorn. Jupiter prefers spontaneity and openness, trusting to good judgement and intentions.

This second pada of Uttara also relates to Capricorn navamsha - the spirituality and relationship chart - so has a particularly Saturnine flavour, where you are tempted to second-guess and play the percentages. Professionalism takes precedence over purity and you look for practical solutions over staying true to your principles. Though you are cautious and perhaps even a little fearful with your expansion, you can still do the right thing and end up with a good result - even if by a difficult path. A generous gesture comes from a sense of obligation, even guilt, but you remain discrete and are adept at handling political situations where competing interests are at stake.

The Shakti, or special gift of Uttara is for 'Unchallenged Victory', so your preparedness and forethought sees you achieving targets almost without realizing it. This brings our close personal relationships under the microscope. This can be a time where individuals will feel unappreciated and actually are not being appreciated. Sun in Libra Communications will be confused and what people say will be taken the wrong way. Mercury retrograde To add fuel to this fire, Venus is in Virgo scrutinizing the relationship.

Raking it over the coals so to speak, looking at every detail.

We will be looking at others in an effort to find fault and vice versa. Being aware of this may help us to be a little more patient and to understand that this is a transit that will pass. Of course from time to time we do need to take stock of our relationships and this may be a good time for that.

However, while you're doing that it is important to remember the assets in the partner and in the relationship. Using the sidereal zodiac Saturn Jupiter and Pluto are in a very close conjunction. Although not they are not all in the same zodiac the conjunction cannot be ignored.

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There is no line in the sky. Saturn is at just over 1 degree in Capricorn and it is direct. Pluto is at degrees of Sagittarius it has also gone direct. Jupiter is at degrees Sagittarius and is also direct. Whatever the results of the adjustments whether conscious or subconscious will now take form. Both are strong for now at least, when Jupiter goes into Capricorn it will then be debilitated.

These two planets are very different. Saturn brings humility Jupiter brings self righteousness Saturn brings limitations and hinderance Jupiter brings expansion and abundance Saturn brings sorrow Jupiter brings Joy Saturn gives us the abilities to carry on even when it appears that nothing is divine Jupiter tells us that everything is divine Saturn limits and destroys Jupiter creates Destruction is absolutely necessary for new creation too manifest.

It is easy to see how these two can work together. Then comes Pluto to completely tear down something in your life.

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It could be an idea, a belief, a relationship, your career……. Something in your life , in each of our lives, is going through a major transformation. Pluto tears things down and rebuilds them.