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Fine, I'll own it — I'm a good and modern witch. Like any modern witch, I have my arsenal of astrology resources.

No Matter Your Sign, You’ll Love These Astrology Sites

Like a good witch, I am happy to share an astrology primer and my go-to online sources with you, so you can deep-dive into your own charts, signs yes, plural! Your most accurate horoscope will be based on your natal chart which is essentially an imprint of the stars and planets on your lifetime. Your natal chart outlines precisely where the stars and planets were in relation to each other, and in relation to your exact birthplace coordinates, the moment you were born.

The generic horoscopes you find online group every human born within a moon cycle into the same zodiac sign, but since the planets and the houses they're in design your horoscope, you can imagine how much more accurate your horoscope becomes once you calculate your natal chart.

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These sites offer the same software that astrologers use to calculate your natal chart. Simply enter your details and press "calculate" to generate your natal chart. Your natal chart will give you a broad understanding of the overarching themes of your lifetime, but you can also discover your "rising sign", also known as your Ascendant sign.

If you thought that was a lot to learn about natal charts, there's more! Did you know that houses affect planets differently, and that some planets are more impactful than others?


Did you know that transits, or aspects the ongoing movement of planets , are the activities that affect your life? Susan Miller and Astrologyzone are widely popular — Susan is considered the queen of astrology on the internet. Visit Astrologyzone each month to learn the themes for your zodiac sign throughout the next moon cycle, and remember to read your moon sign too. This is a live webcam chat site so you can see the mediums talking to you in real-time.

You can type your questions in the chatbox and the psychic might be generous enough to give you an answer on the spot. Sometimes though, they will ask for you to Start a Private Show so you can get a more personalized reading.

Psychic Source has the most defined of horoscopes that cover every aspect of them. To learn more, you can schedule a phone call with the astrology reader. Another method of communication is the live chatroom for instant answers.

Many of the highest-rated psychics are first in line with the highest reviews and offering the most affordable pricing. However, if you need some information for free, then Psychic Source has a page breaking down information about horoscopes for Today, Tomorrow, and Yearly. These particular qualities can be measured according to zodiac signs.

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They have studied different horoscopes and understand the characteristics of a person who matches one. Sometimes these astrology readers know the person better than they know themselves. All they need is a birthday to make a prediction. Psychic Source Psychic Source has the most defined of horoscopes that cover every aspect of them.

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