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The ruling planet of Scorpio is Pluto. People born as Cancer are generally emotional and loving people.

Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope

They generally are intuitive, yet cautious and protective people. They usually relate best to Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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Some negative character trades linked to this sign are moodiness, touchiness and clinginess. The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon.

Cancer Sign Dates & Traits

People born as Pisces are generally sensitive and kind people. They tend to be compassionate and sympathetic, not to mention quite selfless, and are therefore often concerned with helping people. They usually relate best to Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Some negative character trades linked to this sign are weak-willingness, secrecy, vagueness and idealistic natures.

January 2021 Cancer Horoscope - Next Month's Cancer Horoscope

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. In Hindu astrology, signs are divided roughly equal to those of the general zodiac. Rather, the signs repeat themselves every twelve-year cycle. All signs are divided up between not four, but five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Water signs in Chinese astrology include pig, rat and ox.

How can you make your home a welcoming and semi-virtual sanctuary in the spirit of keeping your loved ones and yourself safe and healthy? If all else fails, dive into home repair projects to distract yourself from the disappointment. Wrap up those errands and eliminate meaningless busy work. A total solar eclipse in Sagittarius this Monday, December 14, makes your priorities crystal-clear. As this supercharged new moon lands in your sixth house of health, fitness and organization, you get cosmic marching orders to clean up any messy areas of your life.

Since solar eclipses can bring new people and opportunities out of the blue, stay tuned for unexpected job offers or the chance to delegate to the specialist of your dreams.

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  • Cancer Health & Wellness Horoscope?
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This week, TWO planets—lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn—will both shift into Aquarius, changing the settings on your entire life for the next year and beyond. After a long run through Capricorn and your partnership house, Jupiter and Saturn will enter your intense and intimate eighth house. You were no longer able to just tolerate the burden of making excuses and picking up their slack. A year of major moneymaking opportunities could lie ahead as the eighth house rules investments and joint ventures. Choose your collaborators wisely! Some Crabs could get engaged, move in together or pursue a more permanent status in a relationship.

Look for ways you can create win-win scenarios by merging your resources, whether that means sharing childcare and home-schooling costs during any shutdowns or crafting a business deal with someone whose strengths complement yours to a tee. Now the ringed planet wraps its three-year run through Capricorn and settles into the sign of the Water Bearer until March 6, Mark your calendar for Monday, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn unite at the closest point in their orbits since This event, called the Great Conjunction , combines their superpowers.

You could strike an incredible business deal or make a huge, life-altering decision about a relationship whether personal or professional at this once-everyyears alignment. Visionary Jupiter helps you dream big while strategic Saturn backs up those blue-sky ideas with a solid plan. If you play to their strengths, you could take a calculated risk that pays off in the months to come!

Brace yourself for another big week that finishes off the year with a flourish—including a full moon in your sign! On Monday, December 21, right as Jupiter and Saturn make their Great Conjunction in Aquarius, the Sun shifts into Capricorn, heating up your relationship sector for a month. Cut the energy vampires loose and bring on the kindred spirits! The best day to start activating your mission? This is the manifestation point of the June 21, , Cancer solar eclipse, a supercharged new moon that sent you down a whole new path. With the full moon in your first house of self and identity, the script is yours to author any way you choose.

Instead of guzzling yourself into champagne oblivion, focus on the other Cancerian vice: food! Get as gourmet as you dare and prepare or order an elaborate meal. Pair each course with a wine or a special non-alcoholic cocktail. Savor it all slowly, with music, lighting and scented candles setting the ambience. Watch a long movie, do a home spa or dress up just for fun. You can still party like an A-lister even with a small-but-mighty guest list. Then: Onward to a powerhouse ! Ambivalent much? In the first half of the month, you could be torn between the desire for pleasure and play…and the longing to get serious.

At the same time, driven Mars is finishing a six-month visit June 27 to January 6 to Aries and your tenth house of future plans, which is the opposite of casual. Some of your plans may have had a shakeup or setback when Mars was retrograde September 9 to November As a result, a budding connection could have fizzled, and coupled Crabs are likely just getting back on track with plans for your shared future.

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On December 15, Venus kicks off her annual visit to Sagittarius and your wellness zone until January 9. Anything health-related can become a turn-on yes, really , like working out as a couple, engaging in self-care and just spending quality time appreciating the little things, perhaps with a gratitude ritual. Without compromising your safety precautions, you can still set an intention to meet someone with promise, and then let the universe do its manifesting magic! Under the spell of these two hyper-romantic planets, you could get swept up in a serious fantasy.

Bask in this rarefied emotional high and see where going with the flow takes you. Tech treats could be on your holiday wish list this year, Cancer. With the Sun in experimental Sagittarius and your sixth house of everyday work routines until December 21 punctuated by a total solar eclipse on December 14 , get ready for a new approach to the WAY you work. Are there easy ways to upgrade your skills or tools?

Doing so now can give you a big boost in productivity—while the eclipse can push you to make needed adjustments hiring, firing or delegating to Team Crab.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Can you hand over certain tasks to a specialist, instead of overfunctioning or caretaking? Be on the lookout for opportunities to learn something in the short-term that you can later leverage for higher pay. The Winter Solstice on December 21, marks a rare event—the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in trailblazing Aquarius and your eighth house of shared resources and intimate connections.