March 20 horoscope 2021 leo

March of is full of surprises for all the zodiac signs. personal goals, the professional life being at the maximum point since March LEO –
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Below is the yearly Leo horoscope broken up one month at a time. January brings a renewed sense of energy that can help you tackle any challenges you may have at work or in your social circle. This is also a great time to try to make new friends who can help you throughout the year to come. February is a time for introspection; because of this, your social life may not be active.

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Jupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius this month, which will encourage you to take advice from your family. March is time for you to either focus on your finances OR your love life. Working on both will only cause failures in both. Mercury helps to guide your romantic life, while Neptune influences your finances.

Leo 2021 Horoscope – Love, Money, Health, Career

April again asks you to choose between focusing on your romantic life or your finances. If you focus on your career, you are sure to excel. If you focus on your relationships, Jupiter and Saturn will help to keep them stable. May allows you to finally focus on your social life and your work life at the same time.

Mars in Cancer will nonetheless encourage you to think before you act. Gemini will improve your friendships. June is the perfect month for romance, as Venus will be in Leo. Your platonic social life will also go well, due to the help of Pisces. July encourages you to retreat into introspection.

Okay, now jump to your Moon sign:

Focus on yourself and your career this month. Mars in Leo will help with your career and motivation. August is a mixed bag. The first two weeks of the month are great for cultivating your social life. The third week onward is best used to focus on your career, even if your social life tries to intrude.

September begs you to listen to others; it is the only way you can understand what they are going through. Thus, this month is best spent helping others, rather than catering to your own needs. October brings much-needed relief and relaxation in your social life. However, you may find difficulties in your work life. Try to manage your stress if you want to stay in good health. November finally brings luck and balance your way! Your health and your workload will be on the rebound. Your social life is also likely to see improvements. The planets for the year are placed favourably for Leo guys that there would be no major health concerns.

Your energy levels and vitality would increase as the year progresses.

Leo Horoscope - Love, Money, Health, Career

Follow a balanced diet, pursue physical activity and stay clear of smoking and drinking. There would be oscillating periods of high and low energy levels though. At one point of time, you would be hyper-active and during the other you might end up exhausted even for the slightest physical activity. To maintain good balance munch on veggies and fruits rather than resorting to high calories carbs. Do not over-exert yourself physically and mentally these days. Ample rest and rejuvenation are very much needed for your physical and mental self.


Be prepared to handle some moments of depression as well. Spiritual pursuits and meditation would give you peace of mind. Leo natives, be cautious of some nervous issues through the year. Stress and strain need to be kept under control, else you might end up in health issues. Prevention is better than cure, visit your doctor occasionally if you think that you are not on track or not keeping well. Finance horoscope For Leo.

The financial sector is not a host to major planetary events through the year for Leo natives, hence your financial standing would remain stable. There would be no major financial troubles around. However natives might be tempted to indulge occasionally. If you are already in debt, stay away from all temptations. Repaying make take a toll on you. Then around the middle of the year, things start to look up on the financial side for Leo guys.

Your intuitive sense would help you to tide over bad times.

Then there would be good inflow of funds. Money owed to you now comes back and there would not be any unwanted expenditure. Those in services would see an increase in their wages. If into business your gains would be better. Long term investments would also give good returns. As the year ends, you would be on solid ground, if you had eluded indulgences. The year ahead would be quite a challenging year for Leo people. Hence you are asked to be courageous and put up a strong face.

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