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Read Neko no Me no Horoscope Chapter 1 - • Saitei na Anata to Aki no Sora (​The Worst You and the Autumn Sky)Nanami thinks his senior is a really awful guy​.
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Do you wake up every day with the below questions in mind?

Mucho... Chibi... Chibi... x3

How would be my day? What does hold for me? How would my love life be with a particular person? What career suits me better? Is it the right time to? When Aika helps clean Aria Company's gondolas, she is annoyed by Akari's slowness as she stops to look at rainbows in a water spray or an oily puddle, but eventually relaxes. When the trainees later admire Alicia's rowing, Aika says they both will also become great undines because they love gondolas.

Akari meets Akatsuki waiting for someone who is already late, and to pass the time gives him a tour as "a friend" of central Neo-Venezia. She tells the story of the original Bridge of Sighs but says she sighs instead at their city's beauty.

The Five Chinese Elements

When Akatsuki's older brother finally shows up, he says that anyone who can keep Akatsuki occupied for several hours must be a good undine. Alicia and Akari visit an island with a reproduction of a Japanese Inari shrine to view the fall foliage. After they get separated during a sunshower , Akari meets a wedding procession of fox spirits and offers them her inarizushi , and they leave her alone. Before the annual long-distance gondola race, Aika tells Akari the rumor it is a secret test for becoming a full undine, but during the race itself Akari has too much fun rowing to rush and decides to become an undine at her own pace.

When she finally reaches the finish, Alicia tells them the rumor is a myth. At the start of her first winter on Aqua, Akari meets her first Snow Bugs hand-sized flying woolly aphids while collecting firewood with Alicia. One returns with her to the city, staying with her as the weather turns colder before leaving for its winter home in the forest just before the first snowfall. Aika hears Akari has never been to a hot spring and suggests they visit one on their next day off. Alicia invites herself along, and when Akari feels guilty for not practicing, tells her trainee that rejuvenating the spirit is as important to an undine as gondola practice.

Khor Vie Nie

A series of single-page comics depict episodes in President Aria's daily life. Akari and Aika meet Al , a novice gnome regulator of Aqua's gravity visiting the surface on a shopping trip, and offer to help him return underground with his purchases. Al shows them his workplace, and Akari compares the sound of the gravity-augmenting machinery to Aqua "singing with the voice of a star". As she tosses her undine cap in the air at midnight, Akari regrets leaving the old year, with all its new experiences, but vows to do her best in the new one. During the Carnival , Akari and Aika catch a glimpse of Casanova , the mysterious masked master of ceremonies , but get separated while chasing him.

Akari is invited to join Casanova's masked procession, and in the end he gives her a jasmine flower before revealing he is Cait Sith and President Aria is one of his attendants. A year after Akari's arrival on Aqua, she and Aika meet Alice , an apprentice undine Pair with impressive rowing skills.

Used to jealousy from older undines, Alice bluntly refuses their company and accepts Aika's challenge to a race. Akari speeds ahead by rowing backwards but, distracted by picking the first flowers of spring, finishes last. When Akari asks whether rowing is fun, Alice agrees with a smile. Alicia takes Akari on a picnic to look for spring, but while following an old railway line she chooses the wrong fork. They find an abandoned rail-car beneath a large blooming cherry tree , and while they admire it Alicia tells a story about the importance of mistakes in serendipity.

Akari, Aika, and Alice find in a borrowed gondola a map that sends them on a treasure hunt. The final clue leads them to a beautiful hilltop view of Neo-Venezia, and they return the clues where they found them so others can find this treasure for themselves. Aika runs away to Aria Company after a fight with her strict mentor, Akira , who follows her, and the trainees learn that their mentors have been friends and rivals since childhood. Akira sets Akari and Aika to a gondola race to determine where Aika will stay, but partway through Aika stops because she plans to return, as she respects Akira for being the only Himeya employee to stand up to her as heir to the company.

On Feste del Bocolo—a day when men give a single red rose to the women he loves—Akatsuki calls Akari for help carrying the baskets of roses he wishes to give Alicia.

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Because he's nervous of approaching Alicia, he practices presenting them to Akari. Alicia sees this and wishes the two well in their relationship. At the start of her second summer on Aqua, Akari receives a mysterious invitation that directs her to a hidden bay, where she meets Aika and Alice following similar invitations. There they find Alicia and Akira, who sent the invitations at President Aria's instruction, and together they spend a relaxing day swimming in the ocean, which Akari could not do back on Manhome.

While shopping for a noctilucent windchime on a day hot enough for mirages to appear on the ocean, Akari feels dizzy and sees the market as empty of people. She follows President Aria to a cool cafe that serves only ice-cold milk because it is a refuge for the city's cats, where humans don't belong. Cait Sith gives her a cat-shaped windchime, and when she leaves, the cafe turns into a boarded up building and the people return.

Akari meets Woody , a sylph airborne deliveryman with a bad sense of direction who has lost his map.

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  • She offers to guide him to his destination, and he takes her on a wild "swim" through the streets culminating in a view of Neo-Venezia from the sky. When Aika asks for advice, Grandma has the trainees help with domestic chores, which Aika interprets as tests that will make them better undines. That night, Grandma reveals that the secret to becoming a good undine is to enjoy every moment.

    Akari, Aika, and Alice are assigned a charter boat for Redentore , the end-of-summer thanksgiving festival, as a live exercise in hospitality. The evening is successful, and their guests thank them for bringing them together. At the start of Akari's second autumn on Aqua, Mr. Postman borrows Akari and her gondola for a day while his is repaired. After rowing him through the city collecting the mail, she realizes that while letters are less convenient than e-mail, they have a hand-made charm much like Neo-Venezia, and he tells her she has adapted to Neo-Venezia's lifestyle.

    Because Athena is clumsy and spacy, Alice describes her as useless as her own left hand, but Akari sees Athena assist Alice in small ways that Alice doesn't notice and tells Alice that left hands can be useful. The next day at school, Alice notices her left hand supporting what her right hand does, and when she returns to her room she thanks Athena for singing to lift up her spirits.

    When Akari learns there will be a meteor shower one night, Aika invites Al along to watch them. Aika takes them to the rooftop of a Himeya branch office, but when Akari leaves her alone with Al, she finds herself getting flustered. When Akira trains Aika, Akari, and Alice, she is critical of their performances. For the last exercise of the day, she uses the rising tide to trap their gondola behind some low-lying bridges, and only after several failures do the three trainees find a route out through a flooded basement.

    While waiting for Alicia get out of a meeting, Akari spends the day in a cafe with a man who calls himself a "master at enjoying San Marco Square". When Alicia's meeting ends, she tells Akari the man is the cafe's owner, and when they part, he calls Akari a "master of happiness". On a winter day, Alicia tells the three trainees how she, Akira, and Athena started practicing together as journeymen, like their students do now. Alice realizes her trio will also break up when they become full undines, and Athena and Alicia tell her it's important to enjoy the present rather than regret what has been—or will be—lost.

    When Akari transports glassware in her gondola, the apprentice glassmaker supervising the cargo complains about criticisms of his master's work as "fake" because the long tradition of Venetian glassmaking was broken before being revived on Neo-Venezia. Akari tells him she doesn't believe anything is fake, and while Neo-Venezia may not be the real Venice, it is still a living city, one she treasures for itself.

    Pin on Rin and Len!!

    When Akari asks Alicia what she wanted to be when she grew up, Alicia rolls a couple large snowballs with the help of strangers before answering she wanted to become someone who made people have fun. Alice finds an abandoned kitten and names it Maa after its unusual meow.

    The Most Adorable Cat Comics Ever by Japanese Illustrator, And It Will Make Your Day

    Because pets are forbidden in company dorms, she hides Maa in her wardrobe for a week. When Maa is discovered, Athena rescues it and arranges to have it adopted as the company's new president. Late one night, Akari hears a distant train and imagines it's the train from Night on the Galactic Railroad. The next night, President Aria gives her a ticket and takes her to the railroad tracks, and when a train arrives, several cats are waiting to get on.

    Before Akari can board, she notices a kitten has lost its ticket and gives it hers, and as the train departs Akari sees the conductor is Cait Sith. In a bonus chapter, President Aria is transported to a parallel world where all the characters are of the opposite sex. At a barbecue party to celebrate the start of spring, Aika's new hairstyle accidentally catches fire. After Akari and Alice help trim her hair, Aika admits she had grown it longer to be like Alicia.

    Akira tells her it is impossible to impersonate someone, and she should aim to be a unique undine. The next day, Aika cuts her hair very short to express her "confident new self". When Akari gives a tour as undine, her client notices a lovely garden she didn't know about, to Akari's despair. During a planned blackout that night, because Akari is afraid of the dark, Alicia spends the night in her room, where they discover how beautiful the bright starlight is, and Akari concludes that there will always be beautiful things to still be discovered.

    During the evening, Athena sees Alice deals better with her friends than her peers, whom Alice sees as jealous, and tells Alice people mirror your attitudes toward them. After watching Maa make great efforts to climb onto a bed, Alice decides to try socializing more. To find out why Akari knows so many locals even though she's an immigrant , Aika and Alice secretly follow her as she runs errands. After watching her chat with other passengers on a vaporetto ferry, they conclude it's because she's naturally nice to everyone and so brings people together.

    After Aika buys cute new hairpins, she spends the day distracted by the urge to show off her new hairstyle to Al, though the thought of doing so embarrasses her. With Akari and Alice's encouragement, she visits Al, who likes the change. A bonus chapter depicts Akatsuki at six years old, when he believed he was an artificial human. At the start of summer, Akari learns her training gondola is too worn-out and must be sold as a freight hauler.

    Akari takes it on a tour of places where she has special memories it was involved in, and that night thanks it and says farewell. During a fight with Alice, Athena trips and is knocked out, and when she wakes cannot remember anyone. With Akari and Alicia's help, Athena's memories slowly return—except her memory of Alice. When Alice starts crying, Alicia makes Athena reveal she'd been faking amnesia to find out what Alice feels about her.

    In a bonus chapter, during the president cats' annual physical , Alice learns that Maa is female. Aika tells Akari a Manhome ghost story about the spirit of an executed Venetian woman who trapped gondoliers. That night, a lady in black asks Akari for a ride to Isola di San Michele , and on arrival drags Akari into the cemetery, saying she'll keep her forever. Cait Sith appears behind her and she vanishes, and then Akari wakes up outside Aria Company holding a flower petal from the cemetery.

    The next day, Alice explains the ghost story was invented on Aqua—which makes it even more scary.