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Are your dreams a window into your subconscious? Use sdocppm.asou-mo.ru's free dream dictionary to interpret the symbols & meanings in your dreams!
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And what do the dreams mean? Your dreams can tell a lot about how you are dealing with your day-to-day situations. Your Dream Meaning app helps interpret what you are dreaming. The app decodes the meaning behind your dream and tells it to you.

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The app is simple to use. There's a list that shows things you might be dreaming when asleep. Choose whichever you wish to interpret. Features of Your Dream Meaning app are: - Simple, easy-to-use app - Quick and simple interpretations of your dreams - A long list of dreams to choose from - Interpret your dreams with your friends!

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Download the app now to learn and analyse what your dreams has to say about you. Version 1. The developer, Touchzing Media , has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple.

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  • These typically represent yourself. If there are other people in your car or house, these people are likely influencing your life in some way, especially depending on where those people are in the car or house.

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    It can be people from a long time ago or someone that represents a formative time in your life. Visits from key figures in your life usually represent a part of yourself rather than the person themself. Animals have been interpreted as dream symbols for a long time. Any animal can represent any number of things, so keep your interpretation loose and trust that the message that resonates the most is the one that is meant for you.

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    Extreme weather events like storms, tornadoes, and floods, are all related to your emotions. Colours are significant in dream analysis as well, and often appear in relation to your chakras. Certain colours can reveal an emotional area that needs healing or a physical part of your body that needs attention. Babies may also suggest the need to nurture your relationship with yourself.

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    Death or dying in dreams is usually indicative of a need for rebirth in some area of your life, rather than a prediction of death itself. Amplifying Dreams Does your dream, or something in it, feel exaggerated or larger than life? Childhood Dreams If you find yourself transported back into your childhood in your dreams, an experience you had in the past is likely affecting your current life.

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    Nightmares or Night Terrors We believe there are no bad dreams, because the more intense they are, the more important the lesson. If you have out-of-body dreams that bother you, practice intentionally looking at yourself in a mirror before you fall asleep Past-Life Dreams In these dreams, you recognize yourself from a past life. Precognitive Dreams A precognition refers to a dream that reveals information about an event in the future.

    Firmness always leads to sorrow. Continue reading Lal Kitab on manglik issues Predictions and Remedies This is done manually by hand, not with a computer program.

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    Lloyd Velarde writes for Universal Psychic Guild, the online astrology website with live psychics on cam, free dream interpretation, horoscopes , and more. In Islam, Your dream could tell you about your past, present, and future. Some people see these spirits as your typical "devil" pointed ears, forked tongue kind of creature.

    These demons are given license through personal or generational sin involving, witchcraft, false religions, free masonry, horoscopes , fortune telling and so forth. Horoscope : If an astrologist cast your horoscope can something unexpected happen, maybe a journey you have not planned. Horoscope dream meaning.

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