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Know about your marriage prediction, marriage astrology and marriage Marriage Problems, Marriage communications Issues, When will I get married. and some remedies like marriage to pipal tree is done as per Vedic scriptures.
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Marriage and planetary positions

Astrology Prediction. Love Astrology is also used to determine how the Native himself would be in terms of love and his qualities in the romantic area. If one will lead a happy sxual life or if one has chanced of being impotent. Love Astrology can predict your love life, probability of you falling in love. Due to many planetary positions, you may be involved in various problems in your love or romance life. In astrology, if there is a problem then there is a way out. When can I get my Life partner? Who can be my Ideal Partner and how can I get my partner? Why I always fail in Love or betrayed?

This subject gets very less spot light so far and very less talked among the public. Indians younger generation even feels shy today to discuss this with any astrologer. MoonAstro explains this in very simple understandable manner. Actually, this relationship aspect can be read from the horoscope even before the marriage takes place. I would like to share an astrological tip here.

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If someone wants to increase the career prospects, then s he should be mending her relationships with the mon-in-law because both things i. Similarly, suppose someone wants to invoke ample opportunities with courage in their lives.

Love or Arranged Marriage • Time of Marriage

In that case, s he should be mending the relationships with father-in-law as the third house governs both these significations. Vinay Bajrangi: Marriage counselling by astrologer effectively solves relationship problems. This Astro-marriage counselling can be availed both before and also after the marriage. The technique here is to read the couple's horoscopes and look for the planets that are not aligning or harmonizing and giving negative results.

These negative planets are so massaged through karma correction and small Vedic rituals that the ailing relationships heal most of the time, and the couple starts enjoying the bliss of togetherness.

Marriage timing Prediction in astrology-Easy Method to Know Exact age and date

Vinay Bajrangi: My experience says that if marriage happens after checking the marriage compatibility, there would be no scope for divorce. But still if there are problems in a relationship that can lead to divorce, astrology helps avoid divorce.

Marriage timing in astrology #When will i get married astrology #Timing of marriage astrology

Divorce happens due to missing relationship compatibility between the couple. Means, they have reached a stage where they cannot live together. Here Vedic astrology can help. An accomplished marriage astrologer who is well-versed with Astro-marriage counselling techniques can help couples gain that confidence that they have lost. It may take a few sessions of Astro-marriage counseling, but it is sure to give positive results. I have seen those couples reconciling who were hell-bent on getting a divorce and were living separately for years.

So, it is always good to give this technique a try. Why are divorce cases increasing in modern times? Can astrology predict the longevity of marriage?

Vinay Bajrangi: While matching the charts, marriage longevity is one of the principal aspects considered. Those who do the holistic chart matching check two aspects necessary for a good long married life. Firstly, the couple should not divorce, and secondly, the couple should live long enough.

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These two factors, when seen through birth charts, help astrology predict the longevity of marriage. The divorce cases are marching north in modern times. The sole reason is the empowerment of women folks. In the past, an unhappily married woman would never have dared to get separated from her spouse, but with the changing times, the women have become financially independent and have started to take a call and walk away from the marriage. Increase in divorce cases is largely because of conflict of interest between male dominated society and empowerment of female in modern times.

Vinay Bajrangi: Astrology would not let incompatible couples tie the knot examining marriage compatibility factors comprehensively.

Marriage timing Prediction in astrology-Easy Method to Know Exact age and date

Still any issues, astrology helps de-activating planets, which cause unrest in married life. Astrologers who know the deactivation technique only can help the couple have a happy married life. And finally, as explained earlier, marriage counseling plays the trick for happy married life. Vinay Bajrangi, the top best astrologer in India, can be reached at www. Next, in the series, we will ask him: what to do if one does not have an exact birth time. Trupik Foods — Quality Is Benchmark. Vision to become the Tech tycoon. MRCC recognized among the top 25 businesses that emerged as frontrunners in the last 25 years.

Follow Outlook India On News. Can astrology tell when will one get married according to the date of birth? Can astrology tell how will be future life partner?

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What is marriage compatibility by date of birth? Why in-laws create problems in married life?