Leo daily horoscope 12 march 2021

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Strong, good market. Probability of strikes. Inertia, increased mortality, lull, accumulation. Activity, anxiety, nervous energy, wasted energy, unstable capricious market. Normalization of the market, but more disease and death. There may be manifestations of anarchism or strikes. Desire for more pleasure, freedom, manifestations of curiosity, speculation. Danger of epidemics. An auspicious day to visit cultural events and restaurants. An auspicious day to attend music events, but to avoid visits to restaurants or places to eat. This day is favorable for the market. Dissatisfaction may arise in cities.

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The countryside will be peaceful and quiet. This day favors big endeavors, boards of directors. Lots of work for the administration. This day requires tolerance and more attention in friendly relations. Daily Horoscope About Nadia Contacts.

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You yourself may be pleasantly surprised by someone's unexpected attention or gesture. Today you will experience changes in your plans for meetings or reunions due to new unexpected circumstances that will arise in your family or in your life as a whole. Those of you who work today will be able to expect good sales, profits or other favorable events.

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Love is the connection of the human soul with God. Every feeling that upsets brings death. Every feeling that produces joy and merriment brings life. It is determined for each person who loves Him. And everyone must find the one who loves Him. If you assume in your mind that the one you love can cause you some trouble, it shows that you do not love Him.

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To know people in the true sense of the word, you have to love them. When you love someone, you look at them like a mirror. And when someone loves you, they look at you. Love is manifested in taking and giving. He who loves, above all gives, and he who is loved, above all takes. He who loves will be placed on the hearth to burn. Those he loves will be warmed and illuminated.

Then they will enter the hearth, and he who has been loving will be warmed. By not understanding this law, people expect to be only loved. Such a thing does not exist. You will love and they will love you. To be strong, one must be content externally and internally. When he is dissatisfied, he breaks off his relationship with love. Grief is the limit for passing into love.

When one comes to the greatest sorrow, one is at the limit of that love to which the soul aspires. You have the right to love, but you have no right to possess. Nature does not allow to be obsessed with what she has given. It gives something to use, but not to obsess over. She will always counteract if you want to conquer what she has created. To love those who love you, everyone can. It is human. And to be kind to those who are not disposed towards you is divine.

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If the divine works in one person, you will surely love it. If he has given way to the human in himself by loving him, you will encounter great contradictions. From the outside, no one can protect your love or take it away from you. You will embrace your loved one with a fiery aura and write: "Dangerous for life! To love a person means never to interrupt your feelings for him. One feeling is strong until it breaks. Externally it can be changed, but never interrupted. If the person you love speaks ill of you and causes you trouble, your feelings should not be interrupted.

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If you see that he is suffering, you must first come to his aid. This is Love. If you don't help him, you don't love him. When does love show its power? If you are angry, you will not achieve love. When you are angry, you are far from love. With anger, with suspicion and doubt, love is not found. He who truly loves never regrets that he loves and that they do not meet his love.

Love is an inner stimulus that pushes you forward. Without love you cannot progress. If you don't love anyone, you can't learn. You must love at least one living being to learn about. There is nothing greater for a person than to meet a soul in the world with whom to talk and from whom to receive something new, bright, which he carries within himself.

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To love someone means to make them happy. You are loved only by the person in whose presence your difficulties gradually diminish and disappear. One can love you as long as you give him freedom. If someone does not pay attention to your love, it means nothing. The day will come when he will judge what you have given him and will respond to your love with love. He will pay interest on what he has received from you. One can lose everywhere and in everything, but not in love.

If you suffer from someone not loving you, for changing their love for you, you need to know that they have never loved you.

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