Leo horoscope week of january 16 2021

It also means you have this same transit again from March 6 to More Leo Horoscopes: Leo Weekly Horoscope ยท Leo December Decan 3.
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Leo Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

You might embrace new and improved relationship dynamics as Saturn and Jupiter orbit through your partnership-oriented seventh house. From January to February, when Mercury retrogrades through your seventh house, the drama will intensify causing the old relationship to resurface and might keep you confused throughout your love life. This year you are going to find yourself getting serious when it comes to relationships.

As Saturn and Jupiter oppose your zodiac sign, the cosmos are encouraging you to embrace the fact that not all relationships are meant to last forever. So, to grow as a person, you have to accept that you will naturally outgrow some relationships.

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Also, spend the year creating space for relationships that keeps you away from yourself. Leo Horoscope Check astrological predictions for love, career and health for the new year Leo Horoscope For Leo was a year of mental preparation for the journey that's about to come. Top News.

January 2021 Horoscope All Signs: THE START OF A NEW ERA

Bank Holidays in Banks to remain shut on these days next year; check full calendar here. You can be expecting a divine love that is purely selfless, spiritual by nature rather than just physical. But your partner may be the opposite and want physical intimacy more. Mars in Aries will do good to you and you can expect some spiritual trips with your spouse.

Finance: This month can bring some major changes in your family life and hence there can be some family expenses that can raise your brows. You may want to spend on your work travels, and you may have to repay old debts and loans.

Weekly Horoscope, January 18, Check predictions for all zodiac signs - Times of India

You may expect some financial help from your father and he may be in a position to help you in your financial life. Career: This month looks promising for you professionally. You may be recognized by your seniors at work and this will boost your confidence. But work travels may cause some troubles. Also it is important not to be too egoistic and bossy around especially your senior colleagues and bosses.

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You may be intelligent but be grounded. This will help you in the long run. Venus position suggests that you may get creative projects at work. These family members will serve as a source of inspiration and joy for you in If you provide encouragement and help in return, then your family members will be likely to find success.

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What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! Your health may face some problems near the beginning of the year when the Sun has its conjuncts with Saturn and Jupiter. Try to reduce your stress during this time as it will reduce your symptoms. Thus, people with diabetes should be extra careful in Test Now! Watch out. When it comes to your enemies, or anyone else who may wish you ill-will, your social life is in trouble.

These people wish to ruin your reputation. Keep your distance from these people whenever possible. Your social life will be better off for it. People who are still in school will have mixed levels of difficulties in From January to April, your studies should be smooth sailing. However, from September to November, your studies will become more difficult for you. You can overcome these difficulties by putting in hard work. Also, focus on the friendships you already have instead of searching for friends in other places. Stay at home and focus on what you already have. There will be time and finances enough for travel in future years.

Looking at the whole year at once can be a bit daunting. Below is the yearly Leo horoscope broken up one month at a time. January brings a renewed sense of energy that can help you tackle any challenges you may have at work or in your social circle. This is also a great time to try to make new friends who can help you throughout the year to come.

February is a time for introspection; because of this, your social life may not be active. Jupiter and Saturn will both be in Aquarius this month, which will encourage you to take advice from your family. March is time for you to either focus on your finances OR your love life. Working on both will only cause failures in both. Mercury helps to guide your romantic life, while Neptune influences your finances.

April again asks you to choose between focusing on your romantic life or your finances.