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With responsible Saturn making a rare alignment with potent Pluto in your health sector on the 12th, you might get a wellness wake-up call. The good news is that this is an amazing time to make lasting change to your health regimen. It could be as intense as a hardcore workout plan or as simple as sticking to a better sleep routine.

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The best part? Yes, it might come at the expense of some nights off, especially with strict Saturn and powerful Pluto making a rare alignment in your pleasure sector.

Love and Compatibility for January 10 Zodiac

In fact, it could change your career trajectory for the better! With smart Mercury into Aquarius, your daily grind sector, on the 16th, your first step will be making your workflow as efficient as possible. This year, you really can have better living through technology! Fortunately, a rare alignment between responsible Saturn and intense Pluto in your emotions zone helps you put your priorities into action, even if it means fewer hours at the office and more time spent recharging.

Working from home could be a great option for you this year if you can swing it! And with the sun and new moon in your pleasure zone from the 20th and 24th, you have fun doing it. Under the Cancer lunar eclipse in your expansion zone on the 10th, you can parlay that energy into a golden opportunity to travel, study, or write your way into a new tax bracket.

Plus, the eclipse is amplified by a rare alignment between smart Saturn and potent Pluto in your community sector on the 12th, which can connect you to powerful mentors or allies. You might have to say goodbye to a few people along the way, but the ones you meet make it all worth it. Meanwhile, the sun into Aquarius and your stable fourth house on the 20th reminds you to rest and recharge amid all the hustle. Setting up a home altar or other sanctuary soothes your soul, especially under the new moon in the same part of your horoscope on the 24th.

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  4. The trick? You have to trust that you can make it all happen. This quadrant represents the foundation of our home life, or personal space.

    Gemini ♊ Relationship of your dreams 💕 ~ Prosperity in 💸in new year - January 2021

    Cancer of course, rules the house of Home and Family. This house concerns developing centered rootedness. We create home as a personal base of operation, as well as the psycho-spiritual home we carry within. Nurture deeper emotional expression with attention to family of origin. The Moon represents our capacity to feel or empathize with those around us and within our own soul as well.

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    It awakens our intuitive and emotional body. Interested in exploring more? Use eclipse degrees in your birth chart to identify potential release points. Use creative self-reflection to experience inner alignments and transmute the past into new sources of energy. This article goes over all of the eclipses, both lunar and solar, for the year, their dates and times, and theri specific, unique affects.

    What can we expect for ? Here is an excerpted sneak peek Sagittarius Nov. Under Mutable Fire Sagittarius, we want to expand our horizons, travel in the mind, body or spirit, to commune with strangers and with the natural world. Continue Reading.

    January is the best month

    Fixed water Scorpio calls us to look within and face our fears, look under the rocks and find root causes. The mood is curious, mysterious, magical, sexual, introspective, and profound: we need to add faith, trust and humor. Libra Air : Beauty, equality, egalitarianism, cooperation. We grow more friendly, relationship oriented, and incensed by injustice. We're called to to empower our beloveds and work towards social justice, beauty and dynamic peace. There is a deep, visceral work for you to do here, work that will support you in creating truly nourishing homes and familial environments.

    All Rights Reserved. Powered by Shopify. Journey Into Astrology. Today is about impressing others, so best to choose the actions that have the biggest impact. Today is a day to take action, especially around something that may have stalled due to the holidays. Think practical, not grand steps.

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    The middle ground or middle price is the best option today. Does your heart clench every time you check your bank account balance? Time to fix that. The more rational you can be about your money, the better.

    January Horoscopes - Monthly Horoscopes

    Take frustrations in stride today. Things will work out, but getting caught up in minor points will only make you feel more frustrated. Remember that! You may be evaluated at work, and criticisms or critiques may come up.