Weekly horoscope from 5 march 2021

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Happy March! Our words and romantic experiences will enter the Mars fire, which means brave and direct communication will enrich our personal lives. Lucky Jupiter starts its retrograde on Friday, so try re-evaluating your spiritual beliefs. Rise and shine, Ram! On Tuesday, your communication styles and love life are cranked all the way up. Stay optimistic in your pursuit of personal excellence. Have a meaningful weekend with a mental detox of intimacy fears.

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Incorporate beliefs that yield sexy and romantic results in committed relationships. Surrender can be very sweet, Taurus. Tuesday is the start of a psychological transition for you. Remember that when one thing ends, another begins. This weekend, think on your relationship with relationships. Ask your friends and partners what you need to know and to do to be better in romance. Are they a friend, a lover, or both, Gemini? The lines between platonic boundaries will feel a bit blurry after Tuesday.

Remember the wisdom in finding relational dynamics that have both the best of friendship and romance. Check in on your physical and mental wellness this weekend.

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Review and commit to a serious nutritional strategy — it might fulfill you. Werk, Cancer!

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Stay as proactive, disciplined, and focused as possible this month for maximum reward at work. Your worthiness will help you see your dreams fulfilled. This weekend, try to balance that new pursuit with a remembrance of your emotional security and where you came from. Can you handle the Truth, Virgo? You have the highest potential of almost everything and everyone right now. Tuesday begins your focus on seeing your life truthfully as it is at this moment, not your future potential.

This Monday, March 16, expressive Mercury returns to Pisces, the sign of forgiveness and healing.

Accept the current good, bad, and ugly This weekend, try to think of dialogue as interfacing communication, not parallel monologues. The first chapter of a new love story starts Tuesday, Libra! This weekend, check your checkbook — a review of your financial health is in order. Whether you've been musing over looking for a new apartment, talking to your S. Then, you can look forward to growing activity around your daily work and self-care efforts , thanks to fortunate Jupiter moving into your sixth house of wellness and routine on Saturday, December 19, where it remains until Thursday, May Being the assiduous Virgo that you are, you're ready to work — toward your goals and on yourself — and this transit should give you an expansive runway to do as much of that as you're interested in taking on.

Monday, December 14's exciting solar eclipse falls in your third house of communication, and you could find your curiosity and appetite for connection is at an all-time high, and you'll have your pick of ops to learn, brainstorm, and collaborate with friends and colleagues. Tuning into and allowing yourself to fully own what you find the most mentally stimulating now can magnify your success in the short- and long-term success.

And you can look forward to lucky Jupiter moving through your fifth house of romance from Saturday, December 19 to Thursday, May 13, bringing a flurry of activity to your love life. If you're single, you'll be making connections galore, and they'll have the potential to be anything from a steamy new hook-up to a long-term partner.

It's up to you. If you're attached, having more spontaneous, playful, sexy fun with your S. You could have a significant realization about your moneymaking strategies and how they fit — or don't — into the rest of your life around Monday, December 14, when the solar eclipse lights up your second house of income. Perhaps you need more recognition when you express yourself on the job or time to put toward a side hustle you feel more excited than ever about.

Or your current arrangement isn't aligning with your personal goals. You'll be inspired to take concrete steps to build the ultimate foundation for making your dreams a reality. Then, while social Venus moves through your second house from Tuesday, December 15 to Friday, January 8, you could find the more you connect with others, the more projects and opportunities pop up. Discussions with friends and loved ones around earning, saving, and investing can have you feeling more confident about your cash flow game plan while strengthening your bonds.

With the solar eclipse falling in your sign and first house of self on Monday, December 14, it's time for you to shine and own that unique message you've been meaning to share with the world. Chances are you've been mulling over what your next big passion project will be, and this could be a time in which you really hone in on your goal, then start to get the wheels in motion.

Listening to and trusting your intuition, then embracing your inner, free-spirited adventurer will be key to seeing this vision through.

And thanks to relationship-oriented Venus moving through your first house from Tuesday, December 15 to Friday, January 8, you'll feel more confident and magnetic when pursuing romance, too. Not only will fulfilling your most rom-com-esque desires be top of mind now, but the sweet sparks you've been craving will be more likely within reach. You could feel compelled to spend extra time alone, investing in your favorite mind-body practice think: journaling or meditating around Monday, December 14 when the solar eclipse is in your twelfth house of spirituality. You might want to digest everything that has happened over the past several months and release emotional entanglements you've outgrown before you can plow ahead.

Plus, creating well-deserved peace and quiet can help you zero in on whatever it is you want to accomplish next. And thanks to expansive Jupiter moving through your second house of income from Saturday, December 19 to Thursday, May 13, you'll have a bounty of moneymaking opportunities coming your way. The only issue might be identifying the proposals that are truly worth the exertion of your time and energy — and the ones you're better off saying "no" to.

Weekly Horoscope For March , , From The AstroTwins

Monday, December 14's solar eclipse falls in your eleventh house of networking and wishes, turning your attention to all the ways that working with others supports your peace of mind, personal aspirations, and sense of fulfillment. You might be feeling a bit edgy and anxious given the intensity of the moment, but you can easily channel any nervous energy into brainstorms, making fruitful new connections, or putting your nose to the grindstone on team efforts.

In turn, you'll be well on your way to feeling like you accomplished something for yourself and a community you're proud to be a part of.

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  8. And then from Saturday, December 19 to Thursday, May 13, lucky Jupiter in your sign, you'll feel optimistic and fired up to conquer major, lifelong goals you finally feel ready to work toward accomplishing. As long as you stay true to your inner compass, you'll be on your way to cultivating a whole new level of personal success. Get ready to make a bold move on the job around December 14 when the solar eclipse falls in your tenth house of career. You might realize you're done with being a wallflower and ready to go to bat for more responsibility or recognition.

    Putting your professional needs into words now can be incredibly powerful — and fruitful. Then, think back to March 21 to July 1 when taskmaster Saturn first traveled through your twelfth house of spirituality. After Thursday, December 17, it'll spend a little more than two years there, bringing structure to the way you understand and explore your mental health and well-being. This can be a game-changing period of identifying and healing old emotional wounds so that you can evolve, grow, and be the best, most centered, and self-aware version of yourself.

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