Astrology solar eclipse february 9

In astrology, a solar eclipse could bring a bold beginning, setting us on a new path that we hadn't imagined for Lunar, Feb 9 , , 20° Leo 59′.
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As a Full Moon, it will be charged with the usual emot. Scorpio is passionate and willful—it will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Solar & Lunar Eclipses: Tables

And so we, too, can go after our desi. This shakes up an area of our lives in which we prefer to have stability, peace,.

This Friday's lunation is anything but a typical Libran New Moon. This sign is all about creating balance, but hard aspects from Saturn, Pluto, and Mars mean it will take us extra time and energy. Saturn and Pluto are providing a steady stream of energy from their stations in Capricorn, while Ma.

This means taking a long, discerning look at our lives and determining what can be refined, streamlined, or discard. Using the Sun in Virgo's powers of discrimination, it would. Leo is ruled by the Sun, our ego and life force.


When we fully express its highest potential, we become unstoppable. Our p. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. The most important one is a trine to Mars because the fixed stars that join full moon February both have a Mars nature.

Full Moon trine Mars gives the courage and initiative to make the first move and take the lead.

Leo Full Moon February 9 2020

You will intuitively know what you want and how to get it. This is a good full moon for acting on your instincts. You can be direct and assertive without looking bossy or rude, and instead, be admired for your honesty and sincerity. If you are a shy person this is the ideal time to get in touch with your sexuality and share your passionate desires. Increased charisma and sex appeal is a good omen for socializing and your love life. Full Moon February will also help you stand up for yourself and to defend your family.

Full Moon quincunx Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity but too many, or conflicting emotions, can lead to confusion and tension.

Eclipses: Tables

With Mars amplifying your emotions, relationship tension could escalate to a critical point when you either have to escape or have a meltdown. To reduce tension and avoided a crisis point, find the right balance in your life. A balance between a social drink and alcoholism, balance between health consciousness and hypochondria, and between service and sacrifice.

It gives a love of command and domination while increasing the power to get on in life.

Lunar and solar eclipses astrologer reveals how your star sign will be affected | HELLO!

It gives a bold, bombastic, cruel, heartless, brutish and destructive nature, but an appreciation of art and language and a power of expression. Full Moon February [Stellarium]. With Moon: Plant, build, marry, but do not travel. It is unfavorable for everything. This is not a good full moon to launch new projects, at the risk of losing your investments.

The major influence on this full moon comes from the fixed star in constellations Leo and Ursa Major. They both act as the planet Mars to reinforce the major aspect, Moon trine Mars. So full moon February gives strength, courage, and initiative.

It encourages you to act on your emotional and passionate desires, especially regarding your intimate relationships and family. The fixed stars give the confidence to act boldly and take what you want but they also caution against acting too selfishly and ignoring the feelings of others. Finding the right balance between bravado and sensitivity is the key to having your desires fulfilled.

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A full moon has a relationship with the previous new moon. The January 24 new moon brought unexpected changes, unpredictable behaviour and crazy mood swings. So this another reason to keep your emotions in check and look carefully at a situation before acting on your passionate desires.