The medicine wheel earth astrology by sun bear and wabun

In The Medicine Wheel, Sun Bear and Wabun put forth a whole new system of earth astrology to help guide people not only in their daily living but also in their life.
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We invite you to open your eyes, your ears, your minds and your hearts and to see the magic that is always there. Today we tend to see the earth as a stable backdrop for all of the affairs of humankind. We see the minerals, the plants and the animals as servants of man. We have forgotten that they can be our teachers as well; that they can open us to ideas and emotions that have been blocked from the human heart for too long a time. We have forgotten that we are connected to all of our relations on the earth, not just our human family.

We have forgotten that we have responsibilities to all these relations, just as we have them to our human families. We have imprisoned ourselves in tight little worlds of man-made creations. We have forgotten to listen to the wisdom of the rocks that have been here since the beginning of time. We have forgotten how the water refreshes and renews us. We have lost the ability to listen to the plants as they tell us which ones of them we should eat to live well.

We have lost the ability to listen to the animals as they give us their gifts of learning, laughter, love and food. We have cut ourselves off from all of these relations, and then we wonder how we can so often be bored and lonely. The Medicine Wheel is a magic circle that encompasses all of that world. As you journey around it, you will find wonders both within and without With tenacity you will even discover the wonder of knowing about yourself: who you are, what you know and what you can do in this lifetime.

The Native people knew about this magic circle. They respected it and used it often in their everyday lives so they would always remember all of the things that they had learned. When they built their homes, most often these were circles, whether they were tipis, wigwams or hogans. When they went to purify their bodies and their minds, they did so in the circle of the sweat bath, a cleansing lodge which represented the womb of the human mother from whom they came, and the womb of the Earth Mother, who sustained them throughout their lives.

When they came together in council, they sat in a circle, so that everyone was included, as an equal, with an equal voice. When they made music, they made it upon a round drum. They danced in a circle. The beat of the drum represented the beat of their hearts and the beat of the Earth Mother. They raised their arms and legs toward the heavens, and then placed them upon the earth, creating a circle that extended from the earth to the sky and back to the earth, with their bodies as the transmitters.

They saw life as a circle, from birth to death to rebirth. They knew how to acknowledge and celebrate the circles of their own lives so that they were able to flow and change with the changing energies that came with different ages. They knew that they, like the seasons, passed through several phases as the circle of life and time passed around them.

They knew that to fall out of this circle was to fall out of rhythm with life and to cease to grow.

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The circle was so important to them, so essential to life continuing in the ways that it should, that they immortalized this. The mounds of the mound-building culture were round. The calendars of the Aztecs were round, and the medicine wheels of stone were round. In everything they reminded themselves that the earth and everything on her were part of the magic circle of life. To remind yourself now of this circle, remember that you are always traveling around it You enter the circle at one point, and the entrance gives you certain powers, gifts and responsibilities. : Medicine wheel: earth astrology () : Sun Bear, Wabun Wind : Books

Your starting point is determined by the moon or month under which you were born. Different starting points are governed by different elemental clans which tell you the element to which you are attached. This clan has nothing to do with the clans of kinship that existed in most tribes. The elemental clans determine your relationship to the elements solely, and, like all of the other points on the Medicine Wheel, these are not static. The starting points are also governed by the Spirit Keeper of their direction.

It was essential for people in the old days to live their lives in such a way that they would continuously be journeying around the wheel. This is equally essential now. To stay with only one moon, one totem, one element, is to become static. To become static is to cease to grow, to cease to know that one has a connection with all of the wheel. It is tantamount to stopping the flow of the life force through your being. See our price match guarantee. See how a store is chosen for you.

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Loading, please wait Free 2-Day Shipping. Same Day Delivery. Help us improve this page. I've read several of Sun Bear's books and find them thought provoking. No such thing as "native astrology" From Amazon Sorry, but anyone native will tell you the whole premise of this book is ludicrous. Plains tribes didn't keep calendars, so why would they have astrology?

Astrology is a European thing, not native. Sun Bear, Wabun Bear, and their cult the so-called "Bear Tribe" are not respected among native people because of stunts like this, making up fantasies to exploit whites who are honestly seeking out native spirituality. If you want a truthful view of native religion, try Vine Deloria's God Is Red or any of his other great books. Go to a powwow or take an anthropology course. But don't fall for silliness like this.

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