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Pisces Weekly Horoscope. (February 19 - March 20). By The AstroTwins. Dec 21,
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As a result, there will be a rise in your expenses between these months, which can also cause you mental stress. With Jupiter being in this house, your expenses will increase in accordance with your income in a few months of this year, which will affect your financial condition significantly. You need to take special care of your actions here. However, between April and May, you may get entangled in debates, arguments or court cases, which can help you financially.

Apart from this, your life-partner can also benefit you monetarily in some way during the year. Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage. The year is going to bring mixed results for Pisces natives associated with academics and education as per Pisces Horoscope Predictions.

This year, Saturn is aspecting the fifth house of your kundli, which will definitely create obstacles in the field of education. After this, from the month of January to April, your pace will decrease due to the aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house. However, year-end will bring good results for students, and they will incur good results between 15 September to 20 November. This year, your academic graph is likely to see several ups and downs, but you are advised to keep faith in your hard work and dedication, since you will definitely get the desired results.

If you want to appear in some kind of competitive examination and succeed in it, then the time between April to May and August to September in will be very favorable. This year is going to be most suitable for students aspiring for higher education. Your dream of attaining higher education can be fulfilled this year. However, those wishing to go abroad may not succeed in their endeavors, since there are chances of slight delay in their plans.

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Even after such ups and downs, some natives are expected to get partial success between April and September, so keep working hard. Pisces Horoscope Predictions based on Vedic Astrology reveal that is going to be much better for Pisces natives in regards with their family life. You can earn good profits by buying, investing and selling a property if you want. Apart from this, you or your family members can also earn good income through house rent. Your siblings' attitude towards you is going to be very favorable. Apart from this, this year is going to be very optimistic for them as well.

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On the other hand, your parents will lead an average life this year. However, during the months of April and May, you are advised to take special care of your parents' health as they may face health problems at this time. Overall, this year is expected to be very good for you in regards to your health. This year, your relationship will sweeten, and love and care will also increase.

This year, especially the first three months of the year and then from the end of October to the middle of November, your married life will remain very sweet. Couples may wish for kids this year, since planetary yogas forming in their kundlis show strong placement and favourable outcome. The year will be good in regards to love life and family, but you are advised to pay extra attention to your relationship between September 6 to October 22, small conflicts can lead to bigger arguments. As a result, you are expected to get unprecedented success in every field.

Even if the children of Pisces natives are either studying or employed, they are likely to get tremendous benefits in both fields.

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However, your concentration may get disrupted, which can lead to interruption in studies. Study diligently, you will get good results. Regarding the love life of Pisces natives in the year as per Pisces Horoscope , several ups and downs are expected. This whole year, Saturn will aspect the fifth house of your zodiac sign, due to which several fluctuating conditions in your love life may arise throughout the year.

However, at the beginning of the year, i. In such a situation, some people may tie the knot and walk down the aisle. Moving ahead, love life between September 15 to November 20 is expected to be quite good. However, you are required to pay attention to your relationship between June 2 to July 20, since there are chances of conflicts and arguments steadily arising between you two.

Therefore, avoid such situations, as small issues can lead to bigger consequences. By the end of the year i. As per Pisces Horoscope, the year is expected to be very good for the natives of Pisces zodiac sign in terms of health.

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Your health will remain good this year. From April 6 to September 15 this year, Jupiter will remain in the twelfth house of your kundli, which seems to make your health weak. Apart from this, your health is expected to be weak between 20 November till the end of the year. You are advised to stay conscious of what you eat or drink, and take care of yourself.

This year, pay attention to your daily activities, since there is a strong possibility fat levels in your body increasing, which can make you obese. Take special care of your daily routine along with your health, since you are likely to suffer from a major illness. Talk to Astrologer.

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  4. Sign in New User? Sign Up. Paid Services Reports. Lal Kitab. Birth Time Rectification. AstroSage Cloud Silver. AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Ready to showcase your creative skills to the world? You may have abilities that have so far remained dormant. This year encourages you to be more forward about what you can do. Overcome your doubts and there could be sparkling developments on the cards for you. Get ready for an exciting , Scorpio. With sobering Saturn and jovial Jupiter in your domestic zone making key angles, home and family life can be an opportunity for expansion, as well as a chance to plan and sort out any ongoing issues.

    Tact and discretion might be needed, and some degree of flexibility. If neither of you are willing to budge, then you will get nowhere. A long-term partnership could suffer unless you find a way to compromise. You may want to upgrade aspects of your home and make it more technological and perhaps eco-friendly. There is a chance of a move if doing so helps you feel more secure or adds more stability to your life. To this end, you could be eager to locate somewhere that has opportunities, with a positive and safe environment. With Jupiter in your money planet and domestic sector for much of the year, you may be keen to invest in your home, and make it a warm and comfortable place to be.

    There are options for romance, creative developments and for taking a well-deserved break. This can be quite a delightful year for finding love, particularly between May 13th and July 29th. Spoken for? Relationships could be tested, but this might be helped by being willing to explore new ways to be together. What a year looks to be, Archer! Whatever you want to enjoy or accomplish, this is your chance to go for it. The connections and friendships you make could be key to the success and happiness you are hoping for. You may link to groups with ecological or humanitarian interests, and this can influence you greatly.

    You might feel you should change your ways, and yet this could seem a step too far. Easy does it! Take such developments in stages, especially those that benefit energy levels and wellbeing. The key is not to stress over it. Your home and family life will benefit from the brief sojourn of Jupiter into Pisces between May 13th and July 29th, and you might have a desire to beautify your home, but also to generate income from there. With Pluto continuing in your money zone this is a great time for planning, especially as regards taxes, inheritances and purging excess waste.

    Pisces Weekly Horoscope

    With Saturn your financial planet in Aquarius, anything associated with writing, blogging or making money online can do well. Regarding your love life, the Solar Eclipse on June 10th could be a stepping-stone to a new phase in a key relationship, or even a chance to turn over a new leaf. You may have big plans for , but taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture can assist you in making the right decisions and choices.

    It might be worth taking some time out to reflect on what you really want, a question that may be uppermost in your mind during this deeply interesting year.

    Pisces January 2021 Astrology (Must-Knows)

    Saturn your ruler, journeys through your sector of resources, finances and talents, along with Jupiter. Are you making the most of your skills and abilities? You may be keen to explore freelance, creative or entrepreneurial opportunities for work, which might seem a little precarious if you are used to a regular wage, but which you could now find very appealing. Be prepared to make any changes slowly and carefully to avoid excess stress. You might also find renewed interest in teaching, writing or using your technological skills to earn extra cash.