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New Moon in February , New Moon in Aquarius 23°16', February When is the New Moon in February , what time is New Moon. Horoscope.
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The Mercury retrograde from January 30 to February 20 will assail your partnerships sector, complicating what should be straightforward conversations and making difficult subjects feel nearly impossible to broach. Your way through this challenging period is patience, Leo. The spotlight will swing squarely back onto you in the springtime. This, of course, is easier said than done, especially if you come to realize that long-standing relationships or habits are interfering with your happiness. The full moon will arrive in your sign on February 27 — the only time it will do so this year.

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Consider this your opportunity to get ahead of the curveball s is likely to lob your way, Virgo. All the better, you will have the space and energy to correct that balance before you get any farther into the year. New Years will feel like another lifetime by the time this full moon rolls around, but the same inclination toward resolutions and self-improvement will fill the air. First, Mercury will kick off its second retrograde of the year there on May Second, while Mercury enjoys this backspin, this sector will be graced by the new moon and accompanying solar eclipse on June Where Mercury will spam your office inbox and drop important meeting invites at the last minute, the new moon and solar eclipse will spur further activity around the office, accelerating plans that were already in place and teasing at new developments to come.

Rely on your practical, poised nature when navigating this period Mercury will direct its course on June But, with preparation and patience, you can survive these periods and, in the process, make slightly less maddening than the previous year. Mercury will be retrograde from January 30 to February 20, muddling your sense of direction along the way. As with any retrograde, resistance is futile — for the next three weeks, you may feel a little scattered, even aimless, when trying to make your hopes and dreams a reality. You may just need to take a new, unconventional approach to your goals during this period.

And, not to worry, the new moon on March 13 will unfold in your house of wellness and routines, helping you return to your regular schedule with a renewed sense of what you need to feel truly well. Your sign will be next to host Mercury retrograde , from September 27 to October And these will have much more immediate effects on your life and understanding of comfort. From January 30 to February 20, the first Mercury retrograde of the year will drum up confusion and unrest within your home, demanding that you take a second look at issues and projects you may have thought were already settled.

Professorial Saturn will try a different tact with its teachings when it begins its annual retrograde on May During this period, try to think in the long- and short-term: What do you want home to look like in five years? What can you do in the coming months to get closer to that vision? Refresh your chore chart, nurture your nest egg, and spend time with your closest friends. Your sign will host a full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26, bringing your place in the world to the forefront of your mind.

You may realize how much time you spend waiting in the wings or, conversely, standing at center stage. What needs to change in order for you to be treated the way you believe you deserve? Namely, December 4 will see the new moon and a partial solar eclipse arrive in your sign. An evolution of the self is coming for you, Sag, just in time to end the year with a new sense of who you are and who you hope to be.

This year will ask you to take a hard look at your finances in the short and long-term, Cap. It'll leave you feeling safe and comfortable, no matter what you need to face. Think through things before you say them now, Libra, as you have the ability to speak things into reality. You're naturally social and diplomatic, and under this eclipse, your words can be used as either a magic wand or a weapon.

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Choose to use your powers for good and connect with the people around you in an authentic, curious, and open-minded way. This new moon is hitting your house of money and resources, so beware of any sudden shake-ups or issues with your bank account, Scorpio. Steer your eclipse luck in the right direction by making a budget and keeping a closer eye on your spending habits. Now's an opportunity to own up to past financial mistakes and start breaking out of old, limiting beliefs about money. Happy new beginning to you, Sagittarius! You could come out the other side of this luation with an entirely new outlook on life.

Tap into your naturally open-minded vibe and stay flexible when it comes to weathering the eclipse's change-making energy.

Total eclipse in the Weddell Sea

Just because you're in the spotlight doesn't mean you're not allowed to shapeshift — let yourself transform in front of a crowd and inspire others to grow, too. This new moon is here to remind you that it's OK to slow down and put time aside to rest. Instead, clear your schedule for some much-needed restorative nights to chill, catch up on sleep, and turn off your conscious mind's chatter.

If the new moon feels unstable and you're unsure of what next steps to take, lean on your social circle for love and support, Aquarius. This is a great time to remind yourself that your friends have your back, so put some extra energy and attention into community-building. If there are relationships or even work contacts in your life that have been neglected, extend an olive branch and be the one who reaches out first. This could be one of the most powerful lunations of the year when it comes to your professional life, Pisces. Cancer, you tend to get so consumed in your relationships that you lose yourself in your partner.

Important contracts and negotiations are a focus for you this year.

New Moon in February , New Moon in Aquarius 23°16’, February 11 |

Make sure that you take your time and read the fine print. You're also beginning to own your voice, share your truth, and release self-doubt in the workplace. Expect growth in public speaking because this year, you have the mic!

You can achieve more if you work with others, Leo. The North Node is in Gemini all year, highlighting your collaborations, friendships, and social connections. Jupiter and Saturn transit your relationship zone throughout the year, inspiring you to make friendship the foundation of romantic love. The South Node in Sagittarius all year inspires you be even more courageous than you usually are: Live with a beautiful open heart and share your most authentic self.

Thinking of taking a big leap of faith for a relationship, like moving in with your S. This year, you'll give all of yourself to your romance—but DW, that's not a bad thing! Listen to your heart and your intuition—if it feels right, go ahead and make your 'ship your top priority.

Nothing can come between you and your boo. You can experience sudden changes or shifts in a significant working relationship thanks to rebellious Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius shaking up your career all year long. With Jupiter moving into its best position in Pisces mid-year, trust that these changes are setting you up for something better, especially for your wallet. Rise and shine, Virgo! The North Node in Gemini illuminates your career sector all year, motivating you to share your professional dreams with those who can help make them happen.

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This transit encourages you to be specific, fearless, and transparent about your goals. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius empower you to claim your power as you develop healthier strategies for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. The South Node in Sagittarius all year wants to help you heal from childhood experiences by seeing your family and home in a different vision.

So much of what you feel is based on what you choose to see—expand your perception for healing results. Feeling jealous, Virgo? These feelings could come to a head when Jupiter, in tender Pisces, galvanizes your house of romantic partnerships on May 13 and December But don't worry: You can work things out between July December 28, when the expansive planet backstrokes into inspirational Aquarius. Mark your cal and use that time to heal your love life. Change is good, and this year, it can lead you towards your true calling.

Pay close attention in June, when your career path can veer off in a different direction during a transformative Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Bon voyage, Libra! No, really. The North Node in Gemini all year is opening up borders throughout the year—even if those borders are mental rather than physical. Spend the next 12 months exploring, discovering, learning, and sharing your wisdom, while keeping safety measures in mind, of course.

Jupiter and Saturn in your Aquarius-ruled confidence zone help you separate your worth from your circumstances and find greater self-esteem. The South Node will move through your cognition and communication zone all year, helping you tell the difference between compassionate straight talk and people-pleasing fluff.

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