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Cancer Horoscope

An electrifying friend will energize your get-togethers IRL or virtual with stimulating conversation and ideas for out-of-the-ordinary projects to collab on in When appropriate, work in a little shoptalk. You might wind up sharing your big idea with the perfect partner or investor! Time to yourself is always scarce around the holidays—and more so starting this December SnapshotBusiness in the front, party in the back?

For the first three Ambivalent much? There's a quickening, a profound change in yourself.

Bottom line' New choices Read between the lines You can expect discussions and even de Don't share too much of your private information. There may be some classified information that comes to han That sometimes the case during the festive season.

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You seesaw between optimism and impat A relaxed attitude makes a greater impression on others. Patience m Dec 25, Daily Compatibility Looking for the daily compatibility section? It can now be found on the love horoscope page.

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