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The Ox Zodiac sign Chinese Personality Horoscope and the Ox Year The Ox is the second animal sign of the Chinese Horoscope; Ox symbolizes Pisces. horoscope. Horoscope App. GotoHoroscope's mobile App for your Zodiac sign.
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But don't worry. You can make full use of your intelligence and abilities to overcome them. In addition, your wealth condition would be stable. You can invest some money on low-risked investment fields. Answered by Geraldine Oct.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2020 Predictions

Im single and a female, my birthdate is dec. And can i. Answered by Georgia Oct. You should have more confidence about yourself. It's predicted that you would find a soul mate next year. Asked by Jaimie Oct. I would like to ask if I Will get married next year or will have a love relationship this year. Answered by Adeline Oct. The prediction shows that you would have a high possibility to find a soul mate in early If the relationship goes well, you can get married in Name Country Email.

The month of May shows an indication of an accident. Watch out for your health in the months of February, June and December. Career for snakes in seems to be average as per Snake Chinese Horoscope Count on yourself than anybody else. Trust yourself and apply your learnings and observation skills to make choices. Work hard and try to become a team player.

Oxes' Horoscope for Month 11 in 2020 (Dec. 15, 2020 – Jan. 12, 2021)

Paying attention to minor details will come handy. Making changes in career is not advised. Wait for the next year before making a major decision or big move. Stress can surround you as you land up in conflicts and arguments with your boss. Colleagues will also not be very happy to be around you. You will feel irritated but control your aggression.

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Things will get settled but stay alert in the months of February, March, June and October. Your family life in the year will be satisfactory.

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The male members in your family will be vulnerable. Make them understand that their lifestyle is at fault and in the long-run, they need to change it. Only then they can lead a good and satisfactory life as desired. The year is not a good year for investment, predicts the Snake Chinese Horoscope If you will push your luck hard, chances of a loss are high.

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Be vigilant and carefully perform an in-depth research about things involving investments or transaction of money. The year is average in financial matters. Be conservative about your expenses. You will not be able to decide if the year is good for you or bad.

Pisces - Pig

But of course, it's better than the previous one. Learn to save bits from what you earn.


Spending away all of it is never advisable. There even could be a theft or robbery. On the contrary, April, July and August will bring good luck. As per Snake Chinese Horoscope , It does not sound very good, but avoid attending public gatherings or functions where a lot of people are present. It can lead to many problems for you.

Going to hospitals, funerals and such ceremonies will be inauspicious for you. You may catch an infection. Or there are chances of something bad happening to you. Also, you should not go to areas where the temperatures are high and the climate is sunny. Facing any life related problem? Call to our Expert Astrologers and get the best remedies.

As a snake, you know how to meet your ends. Getting things done the way you want is not a big deal for you. Your expertise lies in being discreet and observing things. You have the capability to take risks. And you are not afraid of failures. These traits of your personality will make any year a happy year for you.

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