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An Aquarius born January 22 is symbolized by the Water Bearer and is quite talented and enjoys attention. Learn about January 22 birthday astrology.
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Career : Prepare to deal with some issues at work and have to address the way work affects you in your personal life. Roll with the uncertainty by laying low and making a list of things you'd like to focus on resolving post-retrograde. Friendship : You'll spend a lot of time looking inward during this retrograde, Aries, so prioritize spending time with your closest friends — the real MVPs who you can be honest with at all times. Love : Miscommunications are at an all time high, so when it comes to having conversations with your partner, be conscious about your choice of words and say exactly what you mean.

We're all feeling a little more emotional now, so sensitivity goes a long way. Career : There's potential for drama and gossip at work, Taurus, so put up your energetic guard and keep your personal matters out of workplace conversations. As tempting as it may be to chime in with your two cents, its best to avoid getting involved.

Friendship : Your social life is shifting, and you'll probably find that your schedule will have to take on some extra flexibility because of it. You might feel your friends are less reliable right now, but try not to hold it against them — as you're probably feeling less secure in the plans you make at the moment, too. Love : You might feel some tension around what your values are in your romantic relationships right now, and that's OK.

Seek comfort in the physical realm, but also give yourself some emotional wiggle room to sort through your feelings. Career : Don't be afraid to rethink the way you make money. While it's not advisable to make any major career changes during the retrograde, you could take this time reflect on what you or don't connect with in your job — and then hatch a plan to re-align your career path with your values. Friendship : Mercury is your ruling planet, so its retrogrades can even leave a smooth talker like you stumbling for words.

When connecting with your crew during this period, spend more time listening than talking to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or arguments. Love : Your emotions will be peaking in intensity during the retrograde, and it'll be harder to make sense of them — which can make things in your relationship feel confusing. Take a breather and gather your thoughts before discussing anything major regarding your love life. Career : Because the retrograde is in your sign, take extra precautions when it comes to number-crunching, scheduling meetings, and showing up to work on time.

You're likely to miss an important detail if you don't slow down and triple-check things.

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Friendship : Look for healthy ways to express yourself with friends during this period to help process your many emotions. Heart-to-heart conversations with your close confidants can help you let off some steam and make sense of your brain fog. Love : This is a period of deep reflection for you, Leo, so it may be hard to be totally present in love. Be open with your partner about whatever you're going through — and if you need some extra space, ask for it. Career : Your busy career life may feel like it's hit a bit of a standstill during this period, but think of this pause as a good thing.

The slowed-down energy gives you a chance to breathe and figure out what goals you actually want to focus your energy on moving forward. Friendship : It's likely that old friends or other people from your past will re-enter your life or creep up in your memories right now in unexpected ways.

Reconnecting with someone could actually offer you some much-needed new perspectives or opportunities to heal. Love : Any major conversations or negotiations with your lover will take a little extra tact and planning on your end, Virgo, as your usually sharp tongue will struggle to find the right words to express your feelings. Career : Problem-solving at work will take some added creativity now, so don't be afraid to check in with your coworkers and ask for a second opinion on things — and definitely save any major course-correcting until after the retrograde clears.

Dig deep, Cancer. Your birthday season kicked off last month, Leo, and you can make it good to the last drop.


Before the sun leaves your sign on the 22nd, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and situations you can work to your advantage — a boost in mental clarity and social charisma provided by verbose Mercury on the 4th will highlight how you can schmooze your way to victory. The new moon in your sign on the 18th will allow you to end Leo season on a content but activated note.

Virgo season will see you battening down the hatches when it comes to money. Look closely at your savings and budget, and root out any unnecessary expenses. There are ways to sustain your regal lifestyle without breaking the bank. This month opens with you positively itching to do something — anything — to feel productive. Whatever the reason, the first half of the month might be better spent on your own, away from prying eyes expecting you to perform. Besides, these doldrums will lift soon enough. The sun will move into your sign on the 22nd and return your can-do moxie to you in full force.

If your boss gives you the floor in an important meeting, hit them with that ten-point plan in your back pocket. If friends come to you for your opinion, speak your mind. Turn on the charm, Libra more than usual, we mean. From the 7th onward, your natural wit and dazzle will give you a major leg up around the office. This could also be a wonderful time to bond with coworkers.

Whether you strike up a conversation around a common interest or set up a virtual happy hour to commiserate about the execs, you very well may be kicking off a new friendship. The new moon on the 18th will remind you to check in with your wider circle of friends from time to time, if only to say hi.

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How are things on the homefront, Scorpio? Last month you were so preoccupied with your day-to-day especially at work that larger domestic concerns may have fallen by the wayside. The full moon on the 3rd will bring the most pressing needs to light: appliances in disrepair, relatives aching for a phone call. Address what you can while protecting your energy, Scorp. These things are demanding your attention, no doubt about that, but you know your limits. Uranus, which has been whirling through your partnerships sector since March , begins its yearly retrograde on the 15th.

First, the bad news: The whirling will continue. This is not an invitation to mask your true self or sacrifice your values, but, rather, to check and see if you still want what you thought you did a year ago. August will see its fair share of play and work in that order for you, dear Archer. Your naturally curious, inquiring sign finds these pastimes satisfying, so long as they provide you with a respite from the monotony of everyday life. Your personal presentation reflects your self-worth, so invest in yourself.

Splurge on a radical new look that makes you feel a million bucks. See this as a positive step in clearing out deadwood. Strong couples survive and thrive as commitment steps up. A marriage proposal may be on the cards for loved-up Twins.

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The lucky planet prepares you for success and by December, your efforts are rewarded. The new moon brings a health issue to light around your birthday. Love is a two-way street, after all. By October, relationships flourish once your give-and-take ratio has been tweaked. A glowing recommendation from a female team leader or co-worker is the boost your career craves. This year, a double whammy of eclipses begs you to ditch an unhealthy vice. The topic of children arises mid-year for Lions keen to start a family.

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January loosens your purse strings, tempting you to splurge. Examine your credit-card statements with a fine-toothed comb. Recharge your batteries surrounded by trees, sunshine and blue skies. Venus re-evaluates love goals in Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. If possible, hold off from signing until October.

Saturn pushes you hard, so more nourishing broths, sleep and extra TLC, please! Picture: Supplied.

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Honest communication is the key to happy, healthy relationships in By March, Venus blesses you with a romantic gesture that means the world to you. Say yes to extra hours at work.

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Or develop a side hustle in April. In , a family tug-of-war questions loyalties. Stand your ground and have your own back, Libra. Power couples plan a once-in-a-lifetime experience.