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Horoscope Today, January 29, Aries, Virgo, Leo, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Cancer — check astrological prediction. Horoscope Today.
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But on a positive side, it's the day that will only see and feel things of love! Don't forget to remind yourself that this too shall pass. You might find yourself being confused with several issues at work, but it's time you accept things for what they are. Ganesha advises that you focus on resolving impending issues for now, and things will automatically fall into place.

A day full of surprises is on the cards for you and your beloved.

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On the work front, things look good and you can expect a piece of good news. Ganesha advises you to own up to your mistakes from the past, and ensure to not repeat them in the future. If in doubt, there should be no hesitation in seeking help from your beloved.

Take out time for your partner, and a good evening will certainly be on the cards. If there's one day that you have been waiting for, today is the day. If there are questions that you have been longing to find the answers for, then it's today. Keep your mind calm, and see how amazing results unfold for you. You might find people of different temperaments and tastes today, and you will be left with a mixed response. The reactions to your success will take you by surprise, but no matter how one reacts, you should make sure that you maintain your calm.

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The fortune is smiling at you today, and all your dreams are about to be fulfilled. But practice caution and don't go overboard, as delusions don't take too long to take over.

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You must not forget that if there's one thing that is permanent, it is change, and therefore, what disappointment you have in your life, face it with an undeterred will. It's the day you will want to take a trip down the memory lane, with a cup of coffee perhaps. However, with the Moon turning its attention to your personal activities, you may, if you wish, blame the stars.


Taurus : Something is going to catch you by surprise, but it may be that what occurs is, in some strange way, a complete non-event. The best thing you can do today is remain cool, calm and collected.

Gemini : At the moment you need to take quite a lot on trust, mainly at work. You must make a point of delegating important tasks at home, if only because there are now signs that you could soon be worn out and in need of a rest.

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Cancer : The chance to make a major move at work is definitely there, but the window of opportunity is very slight. Do not let financial fears or worries stand in the way of an important ambition.

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Ask questions and face up to doubts — but stick to your guns. Leo : By rights you ought to be flavour of the day, but what is given with one hand may be taken away with the other. Taurus Apr. Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Leo July 23 - Aug.

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