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Your guardian planet, Venus, makes you the zodiac's sunshine in a bottle, dear Libra. Most Libras love the fashion and beauty industries as well as the cultural arts, and if A Note from Susan Miller — December · Table of Mercury Retrograde Pre-order Your Year Ahead Astrological Wall Calendar Today.
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Be patient, all things will come to you. Here is the headline news: Jupiter will align with Saturn. This aspect is called the Grand Conjunction, for these two vitally important planets meet only for one single day every 20 years. They are meeting this year on December Here is where the plot thickens. Every time with one exception Jupiter and Saturn have met over the past years, they met only in the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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Over and over, Saturn would meet Jupiter in Taurus, then 20 years later in Virgo, then 20 years after that in Capricorn, and so the cycle went. The last time these two planets met was May in Taurus. In astrology we have four elements—fire, air, earth, and water. Now, Jupiter and Saturn will break that pattern and not meet in earth again for many centuries but instead they will meet in air signs from now on. They will start with Aquarius—and for the next years, Saturn and Jupiter will meet only in Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, taking turns every 20 years.

This is why astrologers calls this year meeting the Grand Conjunction, but now that they are changing elements, we give this a bigger name, the Grand Mutation, for we are leaving an earth-oriented epoch and moving to one of air. The sign in which Jupiter and Saturn meet color society in terms of the arts, music, entertainment, politics, government, fashion, food, architecture, and more.

Aquarius is a light, mobile, intellectual sign that is not materialistic in nature—suddenly what you know and contribute to others will be more important than things you own. You are perfectly positioned to embrace what is coming. Recently there were many planets in Capricorn earth and earth is hard on air Libra —it can be smothering. There is so much I have to tell you, too much to say here, so I will write a separate article that will explain everything in detail.

This is a major event. Most people never are alive at the border going from one way of life to another, from earth to air, as you and I will be now. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event since this is a once-in year event. My article on the Grand Mutation will be posted on the home page of my website, Astrologyzone. There is a free edition too, but it does not carry my essays. The daily forecasts are shorter but the free version of my app does carry my uncut, long monthly forecasts, so you should at least get the free version.

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The app is easier to navigate and more secure than going on the Internet with your phone. If you sign up for my newsletter on the homepage of my website, I will send you the article that I am going to write as soon as I finish Astrology Zone for December. You can find the place to sign up by scrolling to the bottom of the home page and looking for the lotus blossom.

You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to be on my free newsletter list. I send out very few newsletters, only when I have something important to share with you. We value your privacy and will never sell your name and email, give it away or loan your name and information to any other company. Now, in a month that keeps bringing big news, there seems to be a sweet surprise in the last week of December.

The full moon of December 29 will be in Cancer, 9 degrees, at the tip top of your chart, indicating you may get news of a new job, new client, or new business. To be clear, this is a full moon not an eclipse , so it may bring a culmination to talks you have been having with a new employer or client, or it could be the grand finish of an important venture or project.

With the full moon shining at the very pinnacle of your chart, you may also get some dazzling publicity too, and again, when it comes, it will be completely unexpected. This may be the gift Santa has for you as you end the year. Lift your glass of champagne, dear Libra, and toast your good fortune.

Libra January Horoscope 2021

Friends will say you are so very lucky, but you and I know you worked hard for this moment. You deserve all the stellar aspects that the stars twinkling above can heap on you. This month will brilliantly light your third and ninth houses, and those are the two houses that rule travel. Start drawing up your plan for next year, for with Jupiter in perfect harmony with your Sun for the first time in four years, overseas travel is likely to be in your future.

The full moon lunar eclipse of November 30, plus five days, may bring that trip into focus, but only if authorities say it is safe to travel. In that case, you may be visiting your sister or brother or cousin. Or chose a remote location where coronavirus is not a hotspot. Alternatively, you may help one of your parents who needs you, or you may receive a special gift from a family member near December 14, thanks to your ruler, Venus in lovely harmony with Jupiter.

If you are waiting for citizenship, a passport, visa, or green card, the full moon lunar eclipse of November 30 in Gemini may finally bring that chapter to a happy conclusion. More travel again, a small trip to see a relative or close friend by car might come up just after December 14, the new moon solar eclipse.

This December 14 eclipse may bring up exciting news about your sibling, so keep tuned in to all family news, for you will want to be the first to know. If you need to sign a contract, it will appear within days after this December 14 eclipse arrives. Mars will be very positive, so you will be happy with news that comes in at that time. However, Neptune will be in hard angle to the Sun and new moon, so plan to have your lawyer nearby—it seems it might be necessary to clarify the language of one or more of the clauses in the contract that could cause various and confusing interpretations later.

If, after your attorney works on the paperwork, he gives you the green light, then you can sign, for your stars are twinkling brightly above in your favor. Saturn will make a monumental move into Aquarius on December 16 for the first time since February to Jupiter will follow suit, moving into Aquarius on December 19 to stay the better part of the coming year, and will be in your true love sector for the first time since January Planets in air-sign Aquarius blend beautifully with your air-sign Libra, unlike when these planets were in earth-sign Capricorn, which was a smothering, heavy influence.

Jupiter and Saturn will now move into your fifth house of true love, so if you are single, this is great news—you may now build a serious relationship. This same part of the chart rules pregnancy, birth, and the care for children, so you may have a beautiful baby.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Alternatively, or additionally, your creativity will reach new heights in the coming year, and you may take on a large, important project. The month closes with a full moon in Cancer not an eclipse to light on December 29 in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. This might be your moment to get enviable publicity, a promotion at your job, or be given an offer for a new job from another firm. With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

Subscription Login. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller You have made it through a tough October, and early November was not easy either, but things began to ease by the mid-to-late November. Then on July 28 Jupiter will return to Aquarius and stay there until December 29, View Previous Month. The time zone used is for West coast time.

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Readers in South America are in time zones similar to the US. Keep in mind that an aspect is always strongest as it builds and then gradually weakens after it reaches its apex. As you see, everyone, no matter where you live, will have time to take advantage of the aspects listed here. When you order your calendar s , you will receive a written email confirmation automatically.

Choose whether to send it to your home or office. The label and return address will bear the name of a professional fulfillment house in Pennsylvania who will send you your order, and if it comes back, the fulfillment house can quickly be in touch to check the address you gave us.

There will also be an Astrology Zone sticker on the envelope so that you will instantly know that your calendar has arrived.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

We do not offer free shipping, for we would have to raise the cost of the calendar substantially. Available only on AstrologyZone.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

All the better, you will have the space and energy to correct that balance before you get any farther into the year. New Years will feel like another lifetime by the time this full moon rolls around, but the same inclination toward resolutions and self-improvement will fill the air.

First, Mercury will kick off its second retrograde of the year there on May Second, while Mercury enjoys this backspin, this sector will be graced by the new moon and accompanying solar eclipse on June Where Mercury will spam your office inbox and drop important meeting invites at the last minute, the new moon and solar eclipse will spur further activity around the office, accelerating plans that were already in place and teasing at new developments to come. Rely on your practical, poised nature when navigating this period Mercury will direct its course on June But, with preparation and patience, you can survive these periods and, in the process, make slightly less maddening than the previous year.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 30 to February 20, muddling your sense of direction along the way. As with any retrograde, resistance is futile — for the next three weeks, you may feel a little scattered, even aimless, when trying to make your hopes and dreams a reality.

You may just need to take a new, unconventional approach to your goals during this period. And, not to worry, the new moon on March 13 will unfold in your house of wellness and routines, helping you return to your regular schedule with a renewed sense of what you need to feel truly well. Your sign will be next to host Mercury retrograde , from September 27 to October And these will have much more immediate effects on your life and understanding of comfort.

From January 30 to February 20, the first Mercury retrograde of the year will drum up confusion and unrest within your home, demanding that you take a second look at issues and projects you may have thought were already settled. Professorial Saturn will try a different tact with its teachings when it begins its annual retrograde on May During this period, try to think in the long- and short-term: What do you want home to look like in five years? What can you do in the coming months to get closer to that vision?

Refresh your chore chart, nurture your nest egg, and spend time with your closest friends. Your sign will host a full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26, bringing your place in the world to the forefront of your mind. You may realize how much time you spend waiting in the wings or, conversely, standing at center stage. What needs to change in order for you to be treated the way you believe you deserve?


Namely, December 4 will see the new moon and a partial solar eclipse arrive in your sign. An evolution of the self is coming for you, Sag, just in time to end the year with a new sense of who you are and who you hope to be. This year will ask you to take a hard look at your finances in the short and long-term, Cap. The first Mercury retrograde of the year will occur on January 30 and inspire a newly conservative approach to money. When in doubt, get advice from those you trust, who can offer some perspective on your priorities.