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Birth Day Number 23 means versatile talents, sociability, mobility, and love for freedom. Your life changes along with circumstances, as you are not afraid of.
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If you are in the Global Trade, you get the support of Senators and Ministers. The Government comes forward to sign agreements with you. Government Support You receive the care and protection from all sources. You are in the good books of the Government. Your numerology free readings confirm this as true. There are people to do any thing for you at a moments notice. They are at your beck and call. They are just a phone call away. Life path numerology says that you must use such facilities for common good. When Afflicted Name No. In that case, the powers of 23 fizzle out.

It shouldn't resonate in negative wavelengths. You shouldn't have negative meanings in your name or in its name components. Numerology free readings confirm this. Life path numerology says that name parts such as war, end, die, and ash empty the powers of your Name. Afflicted 23 Even if your name's in 23, if it has evil vibes, it'll affect you. You fail in your goals. You fail if your name parts have 4, 8, or 9.

You must be careful about persons with 4, 8, or 9.

Numerology: Secrets of Your Birthday. 5th, 14th, 23rd - Number 5 Life Path | Michele Knight

Life path numerology says that they'll harm you. It also applies to business numerology. If your clients have 4, 8, or 9, exercise great caution in dealing with them. All Rights Reserved. Contents are given in good faith with out any warranty.

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Many turn out as incessant talkers who can use smooth-tongued speech as well as cutting and critical language. A vivid imagination combined with an irresistible need to give oral expression to their thoughts results in Twenty-Threes being poor listeners. Having a way with words and persuasive tongues many use speech to cover up their insecurities and as a means of attack and defence.

They can be sparkling conversationalists as long as they do not focus too much upon their own affairs, which many are inclined to do. Twenty-Fives are also gifted with fluency of speech, however, unlike the Twenty-Three, they are also endowed with the ability to control or monitor oral expression. They are able to pay attention to others in the same manner in which they expect others to pay attention to them. Twenty-Fives do not continue talking if they feel they are losing the attention of their audience. This seldom happens as they choose subjects acceptable to their listeners leaving personal matters to a minimum.

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  • While Twenty-Threes may speedily change from one subject to another Twenty-Five may choose to remain silent and do not talk for the sake of talking. Periods of silence are important to them. Any uncertainties or insecurities they may have are not given out at random but kept back for communication with trusted confidants.

    Both partners identify themselves keenly with body, mind and emotion. As intellectual and physical stimulation is essential to both they set out to extract a good deal out of life. This will be observed in the variety of hobbies and recreational activities they indulged in.

    What Does It Mean to Be Born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd day?

    Twenty-Fives, by virtue of their 7 aspect, extend themselves into various aspects of the non-physical or spiritual realm. Both partners are moved by a strong vein of curiosity. Twenty-Threes have no fear of the unknown or unfamiliar in human relations, or in physical or mental realms, although they may shy away from research into metaphysical or psychic study and research. Twenty-Fives can involve themselves deeply in physical and mental activities and fearlessly extend their curiosity into non-physical spheres.

    They are in a better position to enjoy a fuller current of life embracing past, present and future.

    4 Ways to Channel Your Inner Clairvoyance

    As all Twenty-Threes are natural artists they are found among actors, acrobats, dancers, singers, painters, comedians and circus clowns. Among other avenues of self-expression including various forms of art, Twenty-Fives find peace and contentment in music, literature and in natural surroundings. Both partners can find many things in common during their spare time and holidays away from home. Travel will be a pleasure enjoyed by both.

    Numerology Compatibility Number 23

    Twenty-Threes may prefer the attractions of the city more than the countryside while Twenty-Fives prefer long sallies into the country and visits to places such as churches, castles and old homes and gardens. A compromise can easily be made. Home owning couples are certain to maintain a beautiful garden. As multi-talented people their individual and joint efforts will ensure a regular inflow of money into their partnership. They could engage quite often in more than one source of income. It is also possible that a steady outflow of money is likely to take place as both are generous spenders.

    They set out to combine the business of making a living with the firm intention of making a good life, replete with rich experience. On the occasions when a degree of discipline has to be used it will be done by the Twenty-Five. The 7 vibration provides caution and self-discipline in most things including money management. Twenty-Three partners should avoid making decisions on important expenditure without consultation. As both partners could in the course of time change their sources of income they should pay close attention to future security and their retirement income.

    This responsibility is likely to be undertaken by the Twenty-Five. The Twenty-Three personality, as mentioned earlier, expects for the most part, outer conditions to change to suit or conform with their expectations. Negative individuals, especially, may use language to manipulate others and exercise power over them despite having insecurities of their own.

    The Number 23 in History

    Twenty-Fives, on the other hand, can effect some changes in outer conditions without pressure or harm being put on others. They are also able to look within themselves and ascertain what changes they could make to adjust to circumstances beyond their control. They are in a better position to gain an objective understanding of people and situations and, consequently, place their obligations towards others before personal needs.

    They are more aware of the law of compensation. While most Twenty-Threes introduce more romance, sentiment and variety into their relationships Twenty-Fives provide more maturity, stability and emotional balance. The many contrasts between odd and even numbers, or active and receptive vibrations will be the primary factors influencing a relationship between Twenty-Three and Twenty-Six partners. On the one hand, these polarities may be responsible for an initial attraction, and on the other hand, for subsequent discovery of many divergent features.

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    • No doubt, there will be others that will emerge as complementary features. The attraction of opposite dispositions which first brought them together may not turn out as endearing and enduring in the reality of intimate living. In addition, adjustments at a composed level necessary to reconcile different needs and attitudes may not take place. Twenty-Threes may initially be attracted to Twenty-Six personalities for the warmth, comfort, maturity and stability they unconsciously need and instinctively feel in them.

      The Twenty-Six will be uplifted by the vitality, youthfulness, vivacity, laughter and optimism of the Twenty-Three.