2021 january horoscope for taurus

Taurus Horoscope announces fabulous changes for Taurus! The year Horoscope month by month. January. Remember what I said last month?
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Don't let anyone get in the way of your progress in The year is ripe for you to enjoy all the blessings of your ruling planet, goddess Venus, aka, love and money. Your year's goal of getting your career to a place of both satisfaction and prosperity comes to a climax when Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on Sunday, December 19 in your 9th House, the House of Philosophy, which rules our search for meaning.

This transit may feel abrupt and like a final wake-up call. Don't limit yourself, and don't let negative thinking turn into a spiral. It's true that the economy is in the toilet and that there are many things outside of our control. But demands that you realize that you deserve to be respected for all the hard work you do — and paid for it, too. Stay safe, Taurus, and remember that you are powerful and brilliant. You've got this!

Find Sophie on Instagram and Twitter. Originally Appeared on Allure. Everything you need to know for the upcoming week. Ready to cut to the chase? The Sun enters the disciplined sign of Capricorn on Monday, helping us to become more focused. On Monday, the Moon waxes into her first quarter in ambitious Aries. A happy conjunction between Lucky Jupiter and rule-making Saturn on Monday sets the stage for success.

Taurus Overview Horoscope 2021

On Wednesday, passionate Mars creates a square with power-hungry Pluto. The goal is to be compassionate and calm as these planets clash against each other. This engaging transit makes us want to discuss topics that stimulate our minds, and help us grow.

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The placement comes at a good time: The holidays offer an opportunity to play games and sharpen your mind, an excellent use of this transit. AriesMarch 21 to April 19People are drawn to your natural charisma, Aries. You may have your attention pulled towards home matters on Monday, when your domestic-minded Moon waxes into her first quarter in Aries. Resist the urge to jump into any task headfirst — instead, work with the Moon to get your house in order.

Use this transit to evaluate how you can build upon your skills to help you reach your next career goal. TaurusApril 20 to May 20Are you quenching your thirst for knowledge, Taurus?

2021 Taurus Horoscope Preview

You could be exposed to some ingenious new ideas that help you stay close to home beginning Monday, when your domestic-ruling Sun highlights your 9th house of exploration, adventure, and belief. Allow yourself to be flexible and open to the innovative concepts you're hearing through Wednesday, when inner growth-governing Mars creates a square with passionate Pluto. It could be difficult to see eye to eye during this transit, creating flared tempers as these planets clash.

Keep your creative mind alert on Friday, when materialistic Mercury makes a trine with career-minded Uranus. Use this transit to think outside the box and come up with exciting directions for your passion projects.

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Your whole persona shifts starting on Sunday, when ruling Mercury makes his way into disciplined Capricorn. Having a straight-forward attitude will serve you well as the Sun traverses your 8th house of transformation, mystery, and dramatic change beginning on Monday. This transit offers you the unique opportunity to delve deeper into your hidden self and nurture your unconscious mind.

You may notice that people have their backs up and are ready to challenge you during this transit — take the path of least resistance. CancerJune 21 to July 22Consider how you rely on others, Cancer. Your material-ruling Sun enters your 7th house of partnerships, contracts, and business on Monday, encouraging you to nurture your relationships. Reach out to people who have helped you along your way, and see how you can help out. But you'll want to balance your outreach with self-care, as wellness-minded Jupiter also forms a conjunction with affection-governing Saturn on Monday.

Invest time in self-love as these planets connect — what can you do to improve your current healing practices? Try to keep work matters separate from your personal life on Wednesday, when career-minded Mars creates a square with entertainment-ruling Pluto. LeoJuly 23 to August 22How can you better conserve your resources, Leo? Your concerns regarding cash come to the forefront of your mind starting on Sunday, as money-minded Mercury enters into frugal Capricorn. Your new mindset helps to line you up for success as the ruling Sun brightens your 6th house of health, order, and service on Monday.

Use this transit to create a new schedule that helps you to begin on the right foot. On Friday, as financial-minded Mercury makes a trine with passion-ruling Uranus, making you feel blessed and ready to share your wealth with others. Kind of a perfect mood to be in on this holiday weekend. This electric transit encourages you to share knowledge and discuss new ideas with friends and loved ones. People are attracted to your magnetic personality, so enjoy the spotlight during this festive transit.

VirgoAugust 23 to September 22Are you ready to loosen up, Virgo? The Sun illuminates your 5th house of creativity, pleasure, and romance on Monday, helping you get in touch with your inner artist and lover. Use this lively transit to imagine fun new ways to spend your time together as you ring in the new year. Domestic-ruling Jupiter forms a conjunction with pleasure-seeking Saturn on Monday too, encouraging you to elevate your interior aesthetic.

Your keen brain is continuously whirring on Friday, as status-minded Mercury makes a trine with routine-ruling Uranus. To settle your mind so you can relax over the holiday weekend, write down any ideas that cross your thoughts — you could use them to help move your professional agenda along. LibraSeptember 23 to October 22In the mood to nest, Libra?

You may feel incredibly cozy starting on Monday, while the Sun brightens your 4th house of family, instincts, and foundations. Reach out to loved ones and share old memories, recipes, and ideas as you navigate this sweet transit.

Money & Career

Your mind may be buzzing with ideas for work on Monday as well, as your career-ruling Moon waxes into her first quarter in ambitious Aries. Harness this energy by organizing your thoughts during this energetic transit. Communication-governing Jupiter forms a conjunction with domestic-minded Saturn on Monday too.

ScorpioOctober 23 to November 21Open up, Scorpio. Work to get out of any ruts that you may be stuck in, and challenge yourself to expand your thinking during this intellectual and social transit. If an authority figure is challenging you, ask them for more time to consider your options before signing on to anything. A soft approach will serve you well during this transit. Use your keen mind to get creative with games that you can play over a video call to keep things interesting.

SagittariusNovember 22 to December 21You might notice that your fiery spirit is cooling down, Sagittarius. Affection- and ambition-ruling Mercury makes his way into Capricorn on Sunday, helping you to conserve your energy. Remember to stay flexible during this determined transit as it keeps your inner fire burning strong. Your attention turns towards material matters starting on Monday, as the Sun illuminates your 2nd house of finances, values, and possessions. Use this transit to take stock of what you need, and free up space in your home to better find your flow.

Identify how you can minimize unnecessary expenses and begin saving for your next goal. Take a moment to reflect on how you can better support your body starting on Sunday, as wellness-minded Mercury makes his way into Capricorn. Treat yourself to something special as you celebrate your season, and enjoy all the attention that comes your way. You may also need some time alone to collect your thoughts on Monday, as inner growth-ruling Jupiter forms a conjunction with ruling Saturn.

Use this transit to get in touch with your spiritual side and improve upon any practices that connect with your inner voice. This moth family and relationship affairs will have to sit and wait in the background as you develop professionally. The Taurus personality will only achieve success if backed by family and friends who will help financially and morally.

There is a possibility that financial prosperity will also be experienced this month since you are not backing down. According to the astrology predictions, social life and independence go hand in hand in your life. You tend not to prioritize one over the other hence your undying commitment and determination. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.

Spend this time on reflection and reflection. The only thing you will need now is the peace, quiet and presence of people who have extensive knowledge and experience. A month during which your children would create several problems for you and their own affairs may not fare too well, since the augury from the stars is not too favourable. There is a distinct possibility of an injury or some other physical trouble to the wards of some of you.

This would be particularly true of those who are adventurously inclined. Parents should take care that such among their wards are firmly dissuaded from taking pointless risks. The performance of mostof them is likely to be below average. Those studying accountancy may face a particularly difficult time. As per the Taurus love horoscope, since you are focusing on career this month, you will tend to neglect family. Hence, there will be family strife that will only be cured by you ensuring that everyone is happy. This includes Taurus children and your partner or spouse.

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