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Best love match, compatibility table, scores, forums and more. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Taurus and each of the other sun signs.
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Taurus has romantic potential with many Sun signs that bode well for compatibility in love. Several zodiac Sun signs are a good love match for a Taurus. If you've got romantic interest in a Taurus, but don't know how to break the ice or take the relationship to a new level, you're not alone. It's worth the time and effort -- Taureans are incredible lovers! Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the best Sun sign matches for Taurus.

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Each is a water sign which is earthy Taurus' complementary element. This means they are naturally at ease with one another, and each provides the other with something the other lacks.

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Additionally, each easily encourages and affirms the other's worth and self-esteem. The Cancer-Taurus pairing holds great capacity for compatibility. Both Taurus and Cancer:. Both Taurus and Pisces:. A Taurus and Scorpio love match is nothing, if not intense. They are opposites, which give them a special connection. They can combine to create a relationship in which each partner's strength balances out the other's weaknesses, but it's also a combo that can swing between passionate love and passionate disagreement.

Yes, for good or for bad, Taurus and Scorpio do share some similarities. However, their lover's quarrels usually work themselves out because both signs are extremely devoted to their lovers. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have Suns are in the same Earth element. They are bound to see eye-to-eye more often than not, plus they hold a natural admiration and respect for each other.

Theirs can be a soothing relationship that promotes inner peace. However, without water somewhere in their synastry , these are relationships that can lack emotional intimacy. Taurus and Capricorn are considered a very compatible pairing.

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Both signs are very grounded and keep their heads out of the clouds. This can be a harmonious pairing as both share a love of home and family and prefer to live in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Each is attracted to what they lack, and together they can make a well-rounded but somewhat stoic couple. Taurus and Virgo share very practical natures and often have a great relationship. Both need stability and commitment in a relationship and will find this with each other. Each intuitively understands the other and have a shared respect for responsibility and productivity.

While both will find the relationship easy and comforting, but they can also easily build a relationship with no emotional intimacy and remain in it, unsatisfied, for years. Opposites may attract, but like understands like, and this is very important in making a relationship last. This can be a rock-solid relationship characterized by romance, affection, and a very high degree of loyalty.

Taurus compatibility

Long-term Relationships and Marriage: Above all, Taurus wants a partner who shares their values, and a relationship or marriage between these two signs is built to last. They know the needs of each other, and rise to the occasion to fulfill them. Taurus craves physical touch, while Gemini needs intellectual stimulation.

Gemini is flighty, while Taurus expects undying loyalty. Sex: A sensual Earth sign and an Air sign doesn't care about an emotional connection — what could go wrong? Since Taurus wants physical touch and intimacy, and Gemini could do without any semblance of emotional attachment, these two signs are much too different to have a strong sexual relationship.

Summary of Taurus compatibility

By the same token, Cancer will have to learn that not everything involves multiple layers of feeling — sometimes what you see on the surface really is all there is to it. Sex: For Taurus, sex is about pleasure; for Cancer, sex is about intimate connection. Long-term Relationships and Marriage: When Cancer and Taurus fall in love, their relationship is based on tenderness and their shared need for understanding. Each has a tendency to be open and forgiving, meaning any problems that arise in their marriage can be settled without fear of a breakup. Cancer loves nothing better than feeling safe and protected at home, and Taurus appreciates someone who places so much personal value on their physical treasures.

They have the capability to be honest with one another, but will find trouble with having patience. Sex: Taurus and Leo have a medium level of sexual compatibility, mainly because of their passive attitudes. Each wants the other to satisfy them, but tend to be lazy when not motivated.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Taurus' Soulmates

Despite this, they can have a fulfilling sexual relationship if there is excitement, and knowing their own personal desires and needs. If anything is going to save this relationship, it will be their shared love of art, beauty, and creativity. That is, if they can be bothered to pursue it. Sex: Taurus has a tendency to give their sexual partner a calming experience in the bedroom, focusing on physical pleasure above all else. This is refreshing for Virgo, who struggles to express themselves sexually. If Virgo can quiet that analytical voice in their head, they can open up a world of great satisfaction.

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And since Virgo is on particularly shaky ground, Taurus will have to patiently take the lead. Sex: Taurus wants to feel comfortable and catered to during sex, and while Libra is gentle with their sexual partners, they can run into trouble when it comes to understanding what the other wants. Long-term Relationships and Marriage: While Taurus and Libra have many things in common with their shared hobbies and interests, and have an appreciation for the beauty of the world, this couple is likely to drift apart before they drive each other crazy.

Without warmth and understanding, a long-lasting relationship cannot happen. Love: A relationship between Taurus and Scorpio should be based on a deep romantic connection, or else they may never leave the friendship stage. Sex: Their attraction to each other is high, and since both are sexual creatures by nature, sex between these signs can become emotional.

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Taurus wants their needs met, and Scorpio is more than happy to do this, as long as Taurus is open to trying new things, and Scorpio remains gentle. If they can get past this awkward stage and become truly comfortable with each other, their romantic relationship is sure to become legendary. Neither understands the needs of one another, and in the even of a rare sexual connection between these two, it would only be possible if Taurus becomes less rigid and Sagittarius learns to slow down and appreciate physical pleasure.

There is a chance of a long-lasting relationship or even marriage if they start out as friends and build a deeper connection over years, or even decades. If there is a sense of motivation from Taurus, and excitement from Capricorn, there is potential. These two would also make great business partners if there is no romance. Sex: Both zodiac signs find it hard to open themselves up and be vulnerable, which can cause problems in bed. These two signs are devoted and loyal, and are likely to try their best to make the other happy. That is, if they know what needs to be done.

Because there is a lack of creativity between these two in the bedroom, there is a low chance of sexual compatibility. The only way to find pleasure with one another is if Taurus teaches Aquarius what they want, and Aquarius puts in even an ounce of energy. Sex: A highly sexually compatible pair, the two inspire one another on a deep, emotional level.