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Replying to @astrologyzone. we can see the finish line of mercury retrograde and the election october was not nearly as devastating as i was.
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Leo loves precious stones and gems, and the association with gold harks back to the link between Leo and royalty.

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This sign has a lively lifestyle, for the Leo woman adores cultural activities. Leo loves compliments — and she will freely admit this. She is a confident soul, and so the Leo woman certainly knows how to make an entrance. She knows how to give the paparazzi the most flattering photograph possible whenever she walks the red carpet.

Leo is suited for the entertainment industry — actor, singer, producer, director, lighting and set design, costume design, screenwriter or playwright, choreographer, filmmaker or photographer. Her taste is superb, so others become fine art painters or sculptures. Leos also make great teachers who demonstrate their teachings in an entertaining, memorable way.

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Others become brilliant managers, for they exert their authority firmly but always with a warm, open heart and sense of humor. Like Gemini, Mercury rules her sign, but unlike Gemini who delights in all news, Virgo requires a purpose in consuming information. She believes if you spend time reading a magazine learning about all the new trends, and then it is important to take action on at least one new thing.

Virgo is born at the time of the harvest, when Mother Nature is at her most bountiful. This is why she loves neutral colors. A practical soul, Ms. Virgo knows she has a busy lifestyle and needs comfort, and she prefers separates. Her sign is associated with medicine and of healing. It is not surprising that Virgo leans toward the medical field. In publishing, Virgos make some of the best editors around, for her eagle eyes can find the smallest grammatical error and how to make the manuscript more compelling.

She spots glaring errors before anyone else, the reason why she would make a fine book, movie or restaurant critic.

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Virgo reads a lot, and so her knowledge is broad and deep. Virgos work with their hands, and make superb dressmakers, pattern makers and seamstresses — one famous fashion designer said he would only hire Virgos in his studio.

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To Virgo fine fit is vital, and she will bring her clothes to the tailor and sometimes replace buttons with better ones. A daughter of Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, she always looks fresh, her makeup applied with a light touch. Libra is considered the marriage sign and is happiest when coupled up.

To her, marriage is sacred, and Libra will do all she can, including make joint decisions, to preserve and protect her relationship. Libra is particularly effective when debating a case — she usually needs an opposite sounding board to sharpen her thinking. During the month of December, colors will feel more vivid, music more melodic and stories more gripping. Get excited, because the sun will be in your creative fifth house of self-expression, which taps into your artistic talents and encourages you to let loose!

Read your full Leo horoscope here. Get ready to cancel plans, invest in fluffy blankets and stay home with your family, Virgo. December begins with the sun in your comforting fourth house, encouraging you to return to your roots, redesign your living space and finally!

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Read your full Virgo horoscope here. Your brain is buzzing and your charm is reaching new heights this month, Libra. December begins with the sun in your intellectual third house, inspiring you to engage in stimulating conversations with all sorts of fascinating people. Read your full Libra horoscope here. The sun will be transiting your luxurious second house of money, inspiring you to make more cash and spend it as you damn well please.

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Read your full Sagittarius horoscope here. After all, the sun will be transiting your mystical 12th house of the subconscious, bringing you closer to the spirit and freeing you from the pain of your ego. Read your full Capricorn horoscope here. December is a month that will bring you closer to your community and allow you to tap into your leadership skills, Aquarius. After all, your month begins with the sun in your social and humanitarian 11th house and your heart is guiding you toward making the world a better place.

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