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February 15, Horoscope and Zodiac Information. Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Symbol: Man Who carriers Water. Aquarius 50%. Capricorn.
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You will find new ways to express yourself. This year is favorable for marriage, especially June and August. Your exaggerated interest in the impression you leave to those around you will make you miss many doors of love, which will open for you in More attention to the love life will bring you harmony. With Saturn in your relationship sector since June you are already getting some idea of any pressure coming in from other people. This cycle is not all doom and gloom though, as it can bring in a more suitable relationship from early in the year that grows from March. April and October can be the most testing in how well you relate to other people.

August and early September can be a time for some harmony within this whole area.

February 15 Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

Opportunities certainly exist in this area for a new job to begin anytime from 6 January to early February. Many of you will work steadily from this earlier time. For those studying or learning a new job, be aware that from late September your effort will be recognized and help you to improve your position. Will Capricorn get a job in ? Conflicts at work may occur, and they could be caused by a change in leadership, which is why you may change your workplace. One area that may need checking is the type of food you and especially your close family eat.

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If problems occur they are likely to be related to a stomach ailment, with dairy and fat products the possible culprit. Quite often any health problem this year will have its origins back in time, and may not be new — this is a good year for finding some alternative method. In , those who are born under the Capricorn sign should follow a varied diet with different fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, and not get fixed only on a type of food, as they tend to do.

Eating chocolate and sweets can be harmful to your skin.

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  • Even if they like it, they should eat less frequently very spicy and hot foods because they cause intestinal disorders. You should get some relief from that soon. So, what am I saying? Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! This month may start out a little rocky, especially for those of you born near the cusp of Sagittarius. Are you ready to dump everything you hold dear just for some material success or social gain? I can bet my sweet what? The rest of you may have problems of a more transient nature.

    Sounds pretty uncomfortable! Things are still going great with you and you should have the luck of the Irish at the beginning of the month. I know how much you like to stick to the traditional way of doing things, but later on it might be a good thing for you to try something a little strange. While most of January should set you out on the right foot for , the first Mercury retrograde of the year will arrive in Aquarius on the 30th.

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    • Your ruling planet has been enjoying an extended, retrograde-laced stay in your sign since June , revving your spiritual engines and raising questions around where you direct your energy. From this vantage point, Mars will help you see where and how you can apply your natural vim and vigor to money-making pursuits.

      ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

      The new moon on the 13th will further highlight your earning potential, as it will take place in your house of career and reputation. You like it when people know who you are, Aries, especially when those people happen to hold the purse strings at work. The question that remains, however, is what you do after they learn your name. Are you working your notoriety to your advantage? This is a wonderful opportunity to set new goals and plans to shine and be rewarded for said shine at the office. When Mars, planet of conflict and confrontation, moves into your sign on January 6, your normally peaceful demeanor will be shot through with a dose of fiery passion.

      We pity anyone who gets in your way, tells you no, or simply questions your motives right now. As it directs course, changes made to your outward-facing life your means of self-presentation, how others view you will come more easily. This month will see you making subtle strides in your relationships. What sorts of conversations are you having late at night? Are you sharing more private details than before?

      Are you learning about their fantasies and desires? Though this kind of intimate knowledge may be exchanged in an off-the-cuff manner, it reflects an intense level of mutual trust. Love — or, at the very least, the potential for it — is in the air for you as January and as a whole begins , Cancer. Venus moves into your partnerships sector on the 8th, casting a rosy tint over your closest relationships.

      Your already tender-hearted sign will be all the more conflict-averse during this period, opting to prioritize the needs of your loved ones over your own. Make sure you're getting your fair share, dear Crab. The full moon in Leo will arrive on the 28th, ending the month with a laundry list of questions.

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      Are your spending habits aligned with those of your S. Beyond the literal meaning of money, where else in your relationships do you notice transactions taking place? Is love, care, and intimate knowledge volunteered or is it offered in exchange for something else? This is a great time to put your nose to the grindstone and actually see results from your labor. You may feel naturally inclined to log longer hours or take on additional assignments.

      Be wary of burnout during this transit — make sure you have an outlet to blow off steam during non-working hours. Butting heads will only slow you both down. The sun moves into your partnerships sector on the 19th, offering you the annual opportunity to create a better sense of equality within your relationships. This is not to say that every meaningful bond in your life needs to feature a precise balance of give-and-take, but more that you and your loved ones should be at peace with how things are flowing. Affection, care, work, and effort should not be exchanged via one-way channels, Leo.

      Daily horoscope for February 15, 2020

      Check in with your BFFs and S. As long as you really want something and have a clear, detailed plan as to how to get it , very little can stand in your way toward attaining it, Virgo.

      Capricorn January 2021 Astrology Horoscope Forecast!

      This normally celebratory lunar phase will urge you to spend the night quietly and, ideally, away from your phone, to-do list, and work computer. Put the needs of the outside world aside, have a present night of bonding with your family and housemates, and make time to just be by yourself for at least a little while.

      Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

      Ready to flex your extreme makeover muscles, Libra? When Venus moves into your sector of domesticity on the 8th, a wave of interior decor inspiration will wash over you, urging you to cultivate a sense of comfort and security in your living space. The people you call your family should contribute to that overall feeling of safety, too. The full moon on the 28th demands your attention outside of the home — namely, your peacekeeping abilities may be needed between coworkers or neighbors. After a rather homebody-ish start to the month, this will be a welcome reminder of how much your larger network benefits from your skills.