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December 25, ​​ If the gift you've been hoping for is easy, open communication with bae, you might have only to initiate a deep conversation for your wish to be granted! If you've been hoping for someone to HAVE these kinds of convos with, be more proactive.
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People appreciate your style and the traits you express naturally. This cycle puts the focus on pleasure and love. The month is strong for developing your talents or putting them to good use. You might flesh out an idea with practical details to make it more workable or marketable.

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This eclipse season encourages you to start fresh with your money or find improved ways to manage your resources. It can also nudge you toward better spending habits and more faith and confidence in your ability to take care of yourself. A new budget or plan could be in order after the Solar Eclipse on the 14th.

If you're looking to earn more, this can be a time to seek out new channels. Venus helps smooth things over after the 15th, although it also encourages a bit of indulgence. No-nonsense Saturn heads into your home and family sector on the 17th. This move pulls Saturn out of harmony with your sign and into a position of challenge. Still, it does alleviate some of the pressure or inhibition you may have felt with your everyday affairs or general outlook in recent years. You're challenged to bring more order to your home life.

Outworn or poor systems may break down now, and it's time to rebuild. While this transit has a few years to play out, you could see hints of it now with Jupiter coming into alignment with Saturn on the 21st. Saturn favors careful, responsible, slow-but-sure moves. In a rare turn of events, Jupiter spends much of the first year of Saturn's transit in the same sector.

It brings on a pleasant theme of upgrades and enhancements related to your home, family, and personal life. Living arrangements and conditions can improve. You can do some hard work getting things straightened out around the home front, but you find joy in so doing. The responsibilities and demands of domestic life can run high, but you're working towards building a stronger foundation. You'll find that your mind unclutters as you simplify and organize things.

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For some, this can be the very beginnings of a business project. You're more decisive and confident in December, although as the month progresses, your curiosity can diffuse your focus somewhat. Mercury and then the Sun head into your communications sector on the 20th and 21st. These transits encourage your desire to talk, share, learn, and connect. Getting and keeping in touch with others can benefit you. Fun new interests or exciting news and topics can figure strongly now. The Full Moon on the 29th can point to the culmination of a project or learning endeavor.

Still, you're likely to end the year mindful of what needs doing but patient and relaxed. Your influence increases, creativity gets a nice boost, and money matters can improve dramatically. Your perspective is changing, taking you on a new path. Being in the right place at the right time certainly helps. As the year advances, home and family come into sharp focus. Uranus opposing your sign can most certainly mean you are attracting unusual or erratic partners—or that your relationship needs are met sporadically.

Whatever the case may be, excitement and change are in store for you with regards to close personal relationships.

With Uranus coming at your sign in this way, there can be times when you feel restless, but it can be hard to know whether you want freedom and independence or if the outside world is pushing it on you. There has been a strong and sometimes heavy focus on your communications sector in recent years. While this emphasis does continue this year and beyond, there are at least two big reasons for seeing improvements this year. For one, structured disciplinarian, Saturn, is transitioning out of this area of your chart. For another, happy Jupiter is spending most of here, bringing more joy and meaning to your pursuits, hopefulness to your thoughts, and warmth to your communications.

You are especially mentally alert and busy this year, and you stand to widen your social circle, update your skills, communicate more effectively, read, advertise, publish, and write more. This should prove to be an exciting, busy, and fruitful period. Your life seems to speed up, and as it does, you find that you lose some of your skepticism, cautiousness, and fear of taking risks. This year is an excellent period for sharpening your skills, growing your knowledge base, making contacts and connections, studies, training programs, and writing.

Your mind is open, and you are enthusiastic. Fortunately, you can be happily focused on a project that you thoroughly enjoy this year. In all likelihood, these have to do with studies, skillsets, the mind, connections, personal interests, writing, and communicating. Reworking something from the ground up may be necessary, but it can have long-term benefits. The year can bring much applause and appreciation from others and fabulous rewards for your efforts. Still, both Venus and Mars retrograde in along with the usual Mercury and other planet retrogrades, suggesting that pacing yourself is a good idea.

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Life is not always about pushing forward this year. The plan you have in mind may or may not work out as you want it to, and that's okay. Cosmic tip: What Thomas Alva Edison said! When you're passionate about something, it shows. Continue walking down the chosen path, Leo. Trust yourself to take the kind of risks you never have before, and know the payoff will be magnificent. Does that mean you will succeed the first time around? Anything but.

Learning to make love to failure is what will ultimately lead to victory. Cosmic tip: Make love to your failures too.

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Your circumstances bring a famous Marianne Williamson quote to mind, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. You've worked so hard to be where you are. So what's keeping you from taking that cloak of invisibility off? What's keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world? Pay close attention to what the signs are revealing to you. Your time to step into the spotlight has come.

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Cosmic tip: Own your place in this world! You're always talking about manifesting the big stuff. While your intention is on point, Libra, there is something out of alignment here. The Universe is asking you to step back and take a moment to observe the abundance blocks standing in your way—the ones that are telling you no matter what you do, you will never have enough. Spoiler alert: scarcity is a human construct. There is no cap on what we can attract into our experience. Hold the vision of what you want to create in your mind's eye as you take inspired action.

PS: Trust that the project at hand is a blessed one. Cosmic tip: Take inspired action and leave the rest to the Universe.