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So avoid that. Government, semi-government and corporate sector companies will give you loads of orders if you deal with them. For students, availing admissions overseas might become a reality and you might succeed. Your partner will be your support system this week!

You will also be brimming with happiness and positivity all along this week. However, you must be careful while lifting weights or while doing cardiovascular exercises. There is a probability of a minor back injury. Also, you could consider investing in bonds or other Government schemes. Investments made in fundamentally strong companies will also give amazing returns in the future. Salaried employees will be acknowledged for their work and diligence.

With your beloved, you will spend romantic time. Forget all misunderstandings of the past and move on, suggests planets. Your mother might feel slightly sick. Just pay a little more attention to your and your family's health. Skin allergies or infections are a probability. Finance-wise, there will be stability during the entire week. You will enjoy complete support from your superiors at work if you are a salaried employee. Students appearing for competitive examinations can expect excellent results. As they will be ubbling with energy and enthusiasm. Romance is just around the corner! Planets predict that you are about to find your soul mate.

On the other hand, married couples will be bestowed with peace, harmony and romance at home. Remaining physically fit will always be a priority for you.

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Stick to a healthy diet and avoid junk food completely. It would be a great idea to invest in Government bonds. A long vacation with your family or staff members is also predicted in the cards. For salaried employees, various growth opportunities will come forth. More importantly, your colleagues at work will help you achieve all the goals that you have set. On the other hand, students' increased efforts, hard work and diligence will pay off.

Love and affection for your siblings will cross the roof today. In marriage life, you could face some difficulties due to ego clashes. A plethora of ups and downs pertaining to your career and business might come up.

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For joint ventures and partnership businesses, the week looks favourable. You will join a fitness club and religiously follow any fitness programs. Your flow of income will increase substantially. This will inspire you to save more money for the future. Wise investments made by you during the past will bear sweet fruits of returns. Your attraction towards your beloved will be at its peak. You and your loved one will enjoy beautiful chemistry throughout this period. Married couples will be immersed in love with each other.

Any ailments of the past that have been troubling you will be cured during this week. Businesses that need to deal with Government or semi-government organisations will flourish during this week. Singles will have a fantastic relationship with their loved ones during this week. You will be able to apply effective cost-cutting measures which will positively reflect upon your financial statement. Every adjustment will be made by their partner to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Your confidence, energy and enthusiasm will be so great that you will be able to complete the most difficult tasks with ease. Your amazing level of fitness will be inspiring for everyone! Your primary focus will be to cut down upon all unnecessary expenses.

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Businessmen, as well as salaried employees, will get plenty of opportunities this week. Think about all concerned pros and cons and then take steps. You may suffer from issues with your partner. This week ahead will be full of worries for you. However, by the mid of the week, you may get some good news. Disputes may increase at the work place. You may suffer from sleep-related issues this week. This will be a lucky week for you in every possible way. Things will work in your favour.

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There may be celebrations at home. However, time may not be favourable on Saturday. Make sure you do all your important tasks before that. Difficulties may come your way this week both at home and work place.

Things may not go very smooth at the work place, your boss may be tough on you. However, make sure you trust your hard work.

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Health-wise, you may feel discomfort in the stomach or back. Your stars will be good for you this week. There will be an increase in work and income. You may get some good news as well. There are chances you get to travel this week. An old investment may benefit you this week. This week will be a mix of good and bad for you.


Initially, things may go smoothly at home. Mid-week, you can get bad news. Make sure you stay alert while working at the office. For good results, you will have to put in a lot of hard work. It is a good time for this zodiac sign ahead. As the moon remains in transit, income will increase and you may also get new job opportunities. You will be able to defeat your enemies this week. You may get unexpected success at the job.