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You need a sense of direction today to feel your best, Sagittarius. Though the afternoon l Take a load off and enjoy yoursel The moon meanders through Get your free daily tarot reading. Get advice about your love , mood , and career.

Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the moment you were born. Aries Mar 21 - Apr Read More. Taurus Apr 20 - May Gemini May 21 - Jun Dropping any control-freak tendencies will really help you. Your love life could feel a little out of control this year but try not to panic. The more you cling on, the weirder the ride. You also need to know that This year can be positively liberating.

So give yourself the time you need to work through whatever you know is holding you back. Expect changes and embrace them for the best has to offer you. Try this, for the good of your soul Go to a party and work the room. Have several meaningless conversations and see how they make you feel.

The eclipses herald big changes for you. So it could be a rather mystical and magical year ahead for you, where you feel at one with the cosmos, or just feel really good about life in general. It will do you a power of good. This year could be one you remember as a turning point where relationships are concerned.

Venus retrograde could bring back an old lover in May or June.

Gemini May (21 – June 20)

You also need to know that brings an eclipse in your sign and your love zone. So if you want to change your life, you really can. Releasing the past and any dramas will make space for whatever you want to bring into your life.

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Think of as a chance to change to a new way of being. Instead of wise-cracking your way through your next highly emotional moment, be still and feel all your feelings. You are the sign with the biggest astrological drama in It might not always be easy but if you put your head down and work slowly and methodically towards your goals, it will all have been worth it. January, June and July.

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During these months eclipses in your sign and opposite sign open up life-changing portals. Capricorns are far gentler and more loving than you might first expect, and love and nurture their partners, between working too hard. You also need to know that Because you have eclipse energy around you, as well as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto for much of it, really is a year to live consciously and intentionally. Decide what you want now and work out how you can make it happen.

Stay open to changes but stay focused on goals. But do be nice as well as logical.

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You have tons of lessons to learn from this cycle. As dawns, think about what scares you, see where the fear comes from and deal with it as best you can. The more you can work through your fears before March, the better the rest of your life will be. You love to be adored and love a partner who allows you to shine. You also need to know that Saturn moving into your sign in March is an amazing opportunity. It will be a challenge but handled well it can make you wiser and more able to step up to the life you were born to lead.

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Work hard on whatever needs your hard work. Be as thoughtful to your partner and friends as you are to humanity as a whole.

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Trust them. The force is strong in Pisces. The struggles you have had with friends in the past few years will ease up now. Be honest if you have been a bit too hardline, and see if you can change the energy.

♌️ LEO January 2021 🐙 Your flexibility is put to the test, but your I.Q. \u0026 creativity shine through!

You should find you are more popular than you have been in years, too, so make the most of it. Your friends have a lot to teach you and some will even transform you. September turns your focus to your love life. The trick is to think about what you want, rather than worrying about whatever has happened in the past.

You could turn a friend into a lover this year. This is the perfect day for […]. You have great powers of observation today and you should use this well. Soak up as much information as you can and store it. Focus on small details and watch carefully how others behave. This will all be useful to you […]. Lifestyle Home. Follow us. Must Watch. Is this the most luxe gym ever?

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