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Number 5: Numerology Horoscope. As we move from one year to the next, there are numerous changes that we expect to manifest in our paths.
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If you develop the bright side of your character you may possess the sharp intuitive perception of people and things and methods of acquiring a vast store of knowledge.

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You may sometimes feel certain restlessness of mind which would be detrimental if you do not control it and develop concentration. You may able to stick to nothing for long. You are such a person, who has money and position. But it is also true that you may lose all these things due to some misfortunes. You may be inclined to self indulgence of all kinds. It is clearly stated that you are such a person who is called that Jack of all treads but master of none. Your financial condition will face many ups and downs through-out your whole life.

The persons who are born on the month of November and later pert of December may not be supportive and friendly towards you. So stay apart from these people because they may mess your all works and actions. But the persons who are born on the month of March and early part of April will be very supportive and friendly towards you. You may get few colleagues who are very supportive to you.

Your life partner would be your most close dear and near friends. You can share everything with him or her. As you love the outdoor life, the numbers of your friends are really huge. Your boss may more or less favourable to you. The friends who are from your school life may not be with you after passing your school days. But the friends who are from your college life may be with you up to the first part of your last phase of life.

But the numbers of the friends are really rare.

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Health of Person born on march 5th :. You have to face irritable conditions regarding your nervous problems. You may suffer from diabetes in the middle part of your life. You may also be affected from various kinds of genetic problems. So you are advised to take regular exercise specially a long time morning walk. You also have to take a balance diet through-out your life.

If you want to maintain a proper health you must stay away from any kind of drinks, cigarette, or any narcotic elements because these may be the cause of your lung problems. You also suffer from fever and cold during your child hood. In your advanced year you may be likely to suffer from high blood pressure. To calculate your Life Path number, use our calculator , or do it long hand by adding up all the digits in your birthday. For example:. Then, add the single digits from the month, day and year until you get to a single digit, between 1 and 9.

You can read the general characteristics of your Life Path number here. Pin Felicia Bender, Ph.

2021 Numerology: Our Predictions By Life Path Number

To learn more numerology from Felicia, order custom reports and book a reading, visit www. To order a personalized numerology chart, click here. Go beyond Sun signs to learn more the planets in your chart, the 12 houses and much more. Listen: Your March Numerology Forecast. This is another natural side of the 3 frequency. And another reason to thicken that skin, and realize that you're not everyone's cup of tea, and nor should you be.

So keep being YOU — you're the only one, and the world needs you! After the creative self-expression moving through your world last month, March is calling you to put your serious cap on.

Telugu Calendar March, 2021

Your work in the world is set to take center stage over the next four-month cycle, and this Numerology will make the hard work required, a little easier. Your levels of focus, dedication, and stamina will all get a boost - so make the most of it. If you're prone to scattering your energy into too many projects at once, write yourself a timetable, a daily to-do list, or time block your schedule. March may also bring you an unexpected connection with the past.

Someone may enter in — a long lost relative, or a grandparent you haven't seen in a while. As the number of ancestral healing, the 4 encourages us to make bridges with the roots of our families. Making this an ideal time to dig into your family tree, or even tell stories of your own childhood to your kids.

We're not talking exercise though if that's what you fancy — go ahead!

Numerology for the Year 2021

This is about cultivating a flexible mindset. The numerology of the 5 brings change aplenty, so your main job over the next four weeks is to let it in. Your relationships could start to feel like they don't' quite fit anymore. Maybe a friendship feels suddenly stifling, or a co-worker seems on an entirely different wavelength?

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It's not them — it IS you! And these mismatched feelings are because you're going through some big internal shifts. Try to embrace what's changing in you. Your life is up-leveling considerably. This time is all about opening your eyes, your mind, and your perspective! Don't be worried about leaving people behind — if they are meant to be a part of your life, they will come along for the ride, or show up further down the road.

For you, March's personal frequency opens up a whole new world of homespun harmony, as the numerology of the 6 reminds you how much beauty, love and creativity exists behind your own front door. If you have a family, you'll find ways to fall in love with them all over again.

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And if you're living alone, or away from those you hold dear, then this is a really great time to reach out to them, or others that you love. Offer support, advice, a hot cup of tea and a shoulder to lean on. As a creative vibration, March is also a great month for you to get making! If you have a latent talent, this is the time to set it free! Just beware of the sneaky head of perfectionism when it pops up. The shadow of this number has a fierce inner critic, so be sure to temper any mean-girl of guy vibes that appear.

And make positive self-love your mantra. With so much giving and probably a lot of people asking for your attention you may feel exhausted pretty quickly if you don't offer yourself the same kindness. For you, this numerology holds a restful, reflective energy.

Panchang for March 5,

So if you've been rushing around running everyone else's errands thanks to February's personal 6 energy it's time to focus on you. This month is calling you to slow down. Create some time to think more deeply about your own needs, your wants and your desires. Who's agenda have you been working towards? Yours, or somebody else's? Many people find this energy frustrating, as we're all programmed to feel like we're achieving all of the time, yet realize you have internal work to do right now.

Try to spend time only with positive people who nourish and support you. Avoid those who are toxic and drain your energy. Because of all the internal processing and deep healing that happens when this number shows up in a reading, you may find you're more tired than usual.

Try not to work against this, upping your coffee and tea intake. Instead, be your own guide.