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11 Karanas in Panchangam (7 Fixed, 4 Movable). Karana is ½ a Tithi or Moon Phase. There are four Fixed Karanas and they occur only once in a month. There​.
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So, what is really in store! It is believed that when any new venture is started or a fresh contract is going to be signed or a new vehicle is to be purchased, etc during the "Gulika Kalam", that particular event is said to repeat again and again in future. So, happenings of the above nature are alone performed during 'Gulika Kalam'. For obvious reasons, events like weddings will not be conducted during this time. Also, some believe this "duration" is actually ruled by 'Shani' Saturn and hence this particular period is considered to be inauspicious.

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Instead of a rational mind, these people have a wavering mind and often go restless.

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Person with name Karanam are strong heart, determined and focussed. They are compassionate, brave, enthusiastic and optimistic. These people are constantly thinking about the future, they like to keep tabs on what exactly lies ahead. You like to make accomplishments that will last through time. These people bring joy and cheer to most social gatherings and are almost always the centre of attraction at most gatherings. They are almost always very ambitious and modest.

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Optimism, cheerfulness, creativity, enthusiasm are some of the characteristic of them. These people are blessed with logic and intuition and are thus always more appealing and enjoyable. These people like to express their views when they are with their close ones. These people love grandeur and balance, a great environment and of course elegance and convenience.

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These people have a tendency to live in emotions and feelings, and they try to express themselves in a creative way. These people are also known to be great with money and career. According to Indian Astrology person with name Karanam are with strong communication skill. Their communication skill will help them to achievements in their careers. If they consider legal fields, they will get highest success in the field.

They have the capability to be fluent in multiple languages and they will get success as an interpreter as well.

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  6. Apart from this any other fields which are related to communication skill, they can adopt those to flourish their careers. They love adventures and thrilling things. They enjoy the trekking and other thrilling activities.

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    They are usually foodie type people. There is a possibility that they have some bad habits, like frequent smoking, addiction of alcohol. But these will surely affect their heath in long run. They are born leader. They have the capability to be a successful politician. As a cook they will earn fame. Even in households, they will be able to win the hearts of everybody by the art of their tasty foods.

    They are no doubt homely person. They always seek to be surrounded by their family members.