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The planet continues its retrograde motion and reaches its Western stationary point in mid-August It then resumes direct motion West to East , crossing the border into Sagittarius , the Archer, in mid-November Jupit e r heads out of view in the dusk twilight during the second week of December , marking the end of the planet's apparition. Jupit e r passes through superior conjunction in late December , re-appearing in the dawn sky in central Sagittarius in mid-January , heralding the start of its apparition.

Over the next few weeks Jupit e r is positioned several degrees North of the asterism star pattern commonly called the Teapot. Specifically, the planet is positioned North of the teapot's handle, which is comprised of four moderately bright stars.

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Jupit e r continues its Eastward direct motion until it reaches its Eastern stationary point in mid-May , a couple of degrees from Sagittarius ' Eastern border. It then resumes direct motion, leaving Sagittarius and entering Capricornus , the Sea-Goat in mid-December The planet then resumes direct motion once more, heading North-eastwards along the ecliptic and re-entering Aquarius in mid-December Jupiter in Leo, the Lion photographed by the writer a few days before the planet's opposition in March , when it was positioned near the star Sigma Leonis at the rear paw of the Lion.

Jupiter will return to Leo in move your pointer over the image - or click here - for an annotated version and click on the thumbnail for the full-size photo.

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Jupiter Opposition Data, to J upit e r reaches opposition to the Sun when it is closest to the Earth and brightest in the sky for any given apparition every For the period covered by the above star map, oppositions take place on June 10th , July 14th and August 19th Around opposition, the planet is due South at local midnight in the Northern hemisphere due North at local midnight in the Southern hemisphere.

The apparent magnitude of the planet at opposition during the period of the star chart is Jupit e r 's apparent size i. Superior conjunction when Jupit e r passes behind the Sun as seen from the Earth takes place on December 27th , January 29th and March 5th The planet is not visible from Earth for about two weeks on either side of these dates. At superior conjunction the magnitude fades by almost one whole magnitude to Data relating to Jupit e r 's oppositions from to are provided in the table below.

Opposition Circumstances. Diameter arcsecs. View from. North up. Jupiter opposition data for the period to Jupiter's opposition distance from Earth slowly reduces throughout the period, so that its angular diameter at opposition increases slightly year by year. This is reflected in the planet's apparent magnitude , which brightens slightly over the period. Jupiter's solar distance also reduces over the period as it heads towards perihelion - its closest orbital point to the Sun - in January Jupiter Conjunctions with other Planets, January to February Not all planetary conjunctions will be visible from the Earth, however, because many of them take place too close to the Sun.

Furthermore, not all of them will be seen from across the world since the observers' latitude will affect the altitude angle above the horizon at which the two planets are seen at the time of the event, and the local season will affect the sky brightness at that particular time. A flat, unobstructed horizon will normally be required to observe most of them. Due to Jupit e r 's high Southerly declination , all of them are more favourably observed from the Southern hemisphere.

When Jupiter aligns with Mars a planetary conjunction takes place. Between January and February there are three occasions when these two planets can be seen together. The morning conjunction of January 22nd is visible worldwide and takes place only two weeks after Venus ' greatest Western elongation from the Sun.

Although it has the widest separation of the three conjunctions, it is the only one which can be seen from the whole of the Northern hemisphere and which can also be seen against a dark sky.

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  4. It is only visible from Equatorial and Southern hemisphere latitudes. For Northern hemisphere observers the conjunction is much lower in altitude but nonetheless easily observable. However, they are not always best placed for viewing, sometimes taking place at narrow solar elongations. Such events are very rare however, taking place about every years or so the next will be in the year Specifically, this was a triple conjunction - a series of three conjunctions which took place between May and December of that year - which, it is argued, was such an unusual chain of events that the Magi the 'wise men' or astrologers gave it a special significance.

    Note that, because some of the conjunctions occur in twilight, the planets involved may not appear as bright as their listed magnitude suggests. The separation column ' Sep ' is the angular distance between the two planets, measured relative to Jupiter, e. The ' Fav. The ' Con ' column shows the constellation in which the planets are positioned at the time of the conjunction. Although any given conjunction takes place at a particular instant in time, it is worth pointing out that, because of the planets' relatively slow daily motions, such events are interesting to observe for several days both before and after the actual conjunction date.

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    There are in fact two methods of defining a planetary conjunction date: one is measured in Right Ascension i. Optical Instruments for Astronomy. Mercury Travel Scope. Nikon Action. EX Extreme. Barska X-Trail. Mercury is the planet closest to the sun and only slightly larger than the Earth's moon. It's also the fastest planet in our solar system, which means it enters retrograde around three to four times a year for three-week periods.

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    Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. Type keyword s to search. How can it Mercury retrograde affect you? Some astrologer believe it can lead to Fallings out with friends Experiencing misunderstandings Travel, logic and communication getting disrupted Emails getting lost Flights being delayed Other misfortune When will Mercury be in retrograde in ?

    This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months. During this period, Venus, the ruler of relationships and finances, is asking us to look back instead of move forward in these areas of life.

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    Typical Venus retrograde periods are associated with relationship difficulties, separations and poor global markets. If some progress has been made mid-April, we might feel a regression during this time. The upside to Venus retrograde is reconnecting with loved ones, so there might be an opportunity for more social interaction at this time. Venus retrograde in Gemini is very focused on socializing and connecting locally as well as technologically, so these could be major themes associated with this time period.

    Mars Retrograde Dates in 2020:

    Some people will struggle more than others during this time, and I would suggest checking in more often than usual with extremely isolated friends or family members or those with existing mental health issues. When Mercury is retrograde, misunderstandings often occur and communications are delayed. Glitches and breakdowns happen with phones, computers, printers, cars, buses and trains. All of these problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information or component has gone astray or awry. What gets put in writing at this time may turn out to need serious revising after Mercury goes direct.

    Depending on the level of social isolation major parts of the world are still experiencing, this could be an especially frustrating time as communications we rely on to stay connected with each other experience major issues. The first one occurred on April 4, so there could be a repeat or revisiting of some of the issues around this time.

    July could be the month we start to feel a reprieve as no major planets make significant difficult aspects. A cardinal Mars-Pluto square the first one of occurs on August 13 but we will feel it about a week before and after. This is a more challenging energy of the kind we experienced on March Instead of the two planets being side by side in their intensity, they are facing off against each other.

    Unfortunately, this is classic compulsion, obsession and even violence. There will be a sense that there is not enough.

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    The cardinality of the signs involved in this square shows a strong push for action. This could be a time when global fireworks are on display and not the pretty kind.

    Mars retrograde correlates with repressed anger surging to the surface. It is associated with major breakdowns of mechanical objects.

    The Position of Jupiter in the Night Sky: to

    Mars is our physical vitality; when retrograde, there is a feeling of vulnerability, and that vulnerability can be masked by aggression. Under normal circumstances, Mars operates well in the sign of Aries. Those with planets in cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn could be most challenged by this. Mental health concerns could be highlighted. During this Mars retrograde period, Mars squares Saturn for the second time this year on September